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Thursday, February 25, 2010

so i'm a bit of a dork.

and if you didn't know that by now, sorry to burst your bubble.

my post about baby e names i talked how there wasn't really a form for martin for a girl. when in fact there IS. and i KNEW that...just didn't REMEMBER that i knew that. lol. it's been awhile since i had looked through the name book, i was just going off the top of my head in that post. so i'm sure i read martina, but just didn't store it because i don't care for it as much. oh well. i'm so gald i have some readers who were nice enough to remind me of it. :0) thanks!!

one of you suggested a name that you've heard, maren. and i really like that. so i think i'll have to pass it through shaun once we find out what this baby is. i've also debated doing martin for a boy middle name and jo for a girl middle name. since both seem to go with everyname i can think of right now. so will see what happens. it's less than a week til we find out!! next week at this time we'll KNOW...hopefully. and that is if we don't change our minds about knowing!

plus it takes us a bit to figure out a name we both love. or at least are willing to love. ;0) when we were leaving the morning of caitlyn's birth we seriously put the names 'cole' and 'caleb' in a bowl to pick out what we were going to name our baby boy. (because i was convinced it was a boy! i jokingly said, look we'll have a girl now that we did this...) lo and behold it didn't matter we had picked out caleb. (actually i think we made my sister pick so it was her 'fault' of whatever name got picked) because instead of saying it's a girl! or it's a boy! my doctor said it's a caitlyn! that was fun though.

it's funny because with the first three i never had ANY desire to find out what we were having. then when we had dustin i felt a tug to just find out. with this one, we just said...sure, why not? do i enjoy one way over the other? nope. it's both all fun. not knowing and knowing are both fun!!

i'm thinking we'll be alone for this babies birth though. see i've done both ways on that too. not counting nurses/doctors or me and shaun...there were seven other people in the room for amelya's birth!! no kidding. and because i had to have help with the vacuum to get her out...there were NICU nurses there just in case as well. it was literally a 'full house'. ((good thing i have hook ups at the hospital and my cousins wife got us a big room!)) with breigh there were five other people. it was so fun though. and i really enjoyed having a room full of people, plus for me...at the point of getting the baby out...the president could be in the room and i wouldn't care!!

with caitlyn we were 'sure' that we were done. and i started wondering what it'd be like to have a baby with just me and shaun in the room. so we told everyone that it was just going to be us. to be honest i was a bit nervous, i didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings like we didn't want them there or whatnot. everyone took it fine, and just did some shopping in city we delivered in hoping to get there right away. caitlyn showed off her strong will by not being born til later in the night! lol. my mom is the only one who happened to see her first because she was on her way to work and just stopped in to check on us.

with dustin we were by ourselves again. and it was nice. i enjoy it with a room full and an empty room, but i think i like it the best with me and shaun only. it makes it just a bit more intimate for the two of us. so i think we'll continue that trend with this baby. i'm not sure if we'll share the date with people or not. we only told a select few of dustin's birthday. (basically the people who watched the girls were the only ones who knew for sure he was being born that day) because then no one could happen to be shopping or on their way to work. ;0) although my mom is the one who watched them. our reasoning was basically because we wanted the girls to be the first one to meet their little brother. and it's less overwhelming when there is only mom and dad there and not a whole room full of people. that's one thing i'd change about amelya meeting breigh. there was a room full of people yet and she got way overwhelmed with everyone talking to her etc. so we decided after that to just be the girls (or kids) meeting the baby first. we've asked everyone who's brought them to wait outside the room while they meet the baby. it's worked out SO much better than having a room full of people for them to walk into.

i'm getting so excited. but have to learn to calm down a bit too. i mean i have a ways to go. there is still SNOW on the ground here!! and with the snow it makes it feel that july will NEVER be here!

i also want to let you know i posted the details on my giveaway gala coming in april! check out the post below, or click on the button on top to find out more. and be sure to grab the button!!

it's off to do school time. we're learning about apples and the letter 'a' this week and today we get to try a whole bunch of different apples. it's been such a fun ride with homeschooling so far. i love that the girls ask me all day when it's school time!!

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Veronica said...

Hey! I've gotten a little behind with blogs this week, so I'll be sure to check out the post before this one in a second. I also need to get you Kristin's address for the Wildtree givewaway win! I'm days late on that too!

I'm getting excited for you guys and hope that you decide to share if you're having a boy or girl! I'm so not patient so that's why we found out and told everybody with all three girls!

I love your plan for it to be just you and Shaun there when the baby comes. I did that with Audrey and I was so glad I did. Lots of people were scarred by it, but I was glad I ended up going that route just for the peace in all of it and the fact that I wanted to be able to nurse first thing. I'm hoping people will understand why I want to do the same thing this time too!

Bridgette said...

Ok, this is totally off the subject, but I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I commented a few times. I have read about you having a miscarriage. I never knew the heartache you felt until now. I am going through one right now. I was only a few weeks along but I am very upset. Thank you for posting your experience on your blog. At least I know I am not alone in this journey.

agk11808 said...

yes, yes you did make me pick the name. i was sooo happy i picked caleb but lo and behold there was caitlyn :)

Alicia The Snowflake said...

My friend, you are not a dork! I think whatever name you pick will be the right one. Hope you have a great weekend!

christy rose said...

This baby's name is already picked and you will know it soon! :)

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile, but I just wanted to let you know I very much appreciated your blog on birthing...one note, I know a girl named Marin (another spelling variation and the name of the County where the Golden Gate Bridge leads to from San Francisco). Anyhow, I also loved reading your perspective on how to handle sibling introductions and who to have in the room. I'm a few years off, but you are such a wonderful wealth of knowledge. I can't wait to be calling you with all sorts of baby questions...