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Monday, February 22, 2010

what's in a name?

well pretty much everything, right?
as this little baby e has been moving and grooving more, so i can feel it i guess...i have started to think more about names for this little baby. who will be here sooner than i know it. i'll be 20 weeks on FRIDAY!! where has the past 20 weeks gone?!? and if they flew by this fast the next 20 (probably less) are bound to fly by even faster...

as our 'big' ultrasound approaches...next week!! i've started thinking even harder about names. of course i'm a bit 'limited' with having to start the name with an 'e'. but still there are a TON of e names when you really get looking.

here are some girl and boy names that i like so far::

ezra (i really like it because it's not too common of a name. and i've met a cool ezra once. :0) )
elijah (i really like elijah. but also like eli...and wouldn't want elijah to BE eli)
eli (read above...so i think that cuts both names out)
elias (like it. don't love it.)

emilee (i've always loved this name! and i have a cousin named emily, so i changed up the spelling.)
evaleigh (i had never heard this name until a few weeks ago, and fell in love with it. with short e sound)
eva (with long e. shaun really likes eva, but doesn't care so much for evaleigh. i like evaleigh better.)
eden. ( i really like it. but then i'm not sure. this one is sort of wishy-washy)
emery or emerson (i like them. but don't love them)

and then there's a middle name. i have a thing with having at least one of the names of the kids "mean something"...for instance:

amelya (my grandma's middle name) francis (shaun's dad's middle name)
breigh (no family meaning) mayann (mae is my mom's middle name, ann is my middle name and shaun's mom's middle name)
caitlyn (no family meaning...but i always LOVED it) michaela (shaun's middle name is michael)
dustin (shaun's brother's middle name) russell (my dad's middle name)

i've already told shaun that if he wants to pick a middle name for the baby he can. because sometimes i feel like i can be a 'name nazi' and take over. we always pick together but i know that i can influence him. :0) he hasn't really said anything.

i would love to name a baby after one of my grandpa's. his name is hilary martin.  since i usually pick the middle names of the people i've been working with martin. personally i LOVE how ezra martin sounds for a boy. it's hard for a girl because there isn't really a 'girl' form of martin. but there is a different version of spelling in the boy section of: marden. i think marden can be girly. and has a softer sound because of the d. so i've been thinking of using marden for a girl. evaleigh marden sounds pretty i think. almost like garden. and gardens are pretty. :0)

shaun's one grandpa's name was joe. i was thinking if he wanted to use joe we could. and ezra joseph sounds good. as does evaleigh jo. so we'll see. basically it depends on if shaun wants to use his grandpa's name or not. it doesn't matter a whole lot to me. i just want one of the names to come from family, since that's what we've been doing. so we'll see.

and after next week our decision as to boy or girl...*should* be cut in half. we are pretty sure that we're sure we're going to for sure find out next week. i just haven't decided if we're telling (we didn't with dustin) or if we are going to tell that we'll keep the name a secret....or that we'll just tell it all. i don't know. and i have a bit to think about it.

so yeah. that's my thoughts on the whole name thing. i can't believe that i'm almost 'done'. i mean really! i've been feeling more pregnant lately...and it's been fun. minus some of the back pain...thankfully the chiro has been helping with that. my headaches are also pretty much in the past now...and i attribute that to the weekly visit to the chiro as well. i've also been getting heartburn once and awhile. i only ever had it with dustin, and the 'old wives tale' rang true...he had hair when he was born...well a lot of hair for one of my kids!! so we'll see if it happens again.

some people have asked if this is it. or if we plan on having more. and i can confidently answer in saying..i don't know. :0) when i was pregnant with caitlyn i was done having kids. you see where that has ended up! we decided to leave it in god's hands and we'll go from there.  i really truly feel he'll tell us when we're 'for sure' done. so until that happens...i don't know. but i will say i've had two dreams where i tell people that we're going to have one more...so we'll see!!

**i also want to thank all of you who read my post below and could either relate, pray for, or just get 'something' from it. and thank you if you made it all the way through it..it was a doozy!**

22 loving words from you.:

Amanda said...

Good luck on the names whatever you choose!!! But....you can't keep me in the dark! :-P) Or you can if you want! :)

I know what you mean about being done. Right now it's hard because I don't feel done, but with the way everything is going, I'm not sure what God's plan is. I've had a pull today towards Adoption or Foster Parenting. Not sure which, I just know I'm not sure I could deal with older kiddos! :(

Only time and God will make that decision! :(

Good luck again with the names, and sorry to be a downer!

Emily said...

I love Ezra.. and LOVE Emilee.. I always wished my name was spelled EmmaLee though. HA!

I also loved the name Ella Grace for a girl name too.

I like Martin for the middle name for a boy.. not sure about it for a girl though. Just my opinion though.

Good luck with everything!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Oddly enough, we've chosen "E" names for this baby. None of which you mentioned. Well, one was close.

What a fun thing to pick out names! And, I'm all about not finding out the gender of the baby! This was our first time doing that and it was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to hear the Dr say, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

So excited. Not that I wouldn't be excited if I knew what we were having. Because I totally would. And now I'm rambling.

Kelli W said...

I love baby names:) Eli is {obviously} my favorite of the boy names, but I also really like Elias! And I think my favorite of your girl names is Emery...so cute and not very commom at all! Whatever you decide to name him/her I'm sure it will fit them perfectly!

More Than Words said...

Oh, I love Ezra. Not many Ezra's out there. And I love Eva! So pretty and feminine!!

Anonymous said...

martina would work for a "girl" version of martin

Anonymous said...

martina-girl version of martin

Verna said...

Choosing two names that you like isn't all bad... We chose two and when our baby girl was born, I took one look at her and said, this is not a Stephanie Renee, this is Kimberly Anne. It is so much fun choosing names. Have fun doing choosing.

April said...

certainly sounds like the names have been rolling around your mind lately :) I think alot of them are good choices. Definitely narrows the search that you have the E picked out ;P

I like all the combinations you have chosen for your 4 children, I know you will pick another great name for baby E!

We haven't even begun to think about names (won't wrap our minds around it until we know at 20wks) Only 10 wks until then ;P

Feris said...

I just wanted you to know that I found a girl version of the name Martin...
It's MARTINA which I think is of latin origin, it can also be spelled MARTYNA.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Ooo....Those are some cool names. Good luck with choosing. I like Emilee and Elijah the best.

Alicia The Snowflake said...

I especially love Ezra for a little boy. But I think whatever you decide will be just perfect! I really can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. So exciting!!!

mittelmommy said...

so...looks like just about everyone thought of "martina" for a girl! lol and one person must really know you and said you could spell it with a 'y' even!
and you know my thoughts on ezra...u don't really want me always thinking your son sounds like a girl do you?! j/k if it's a boy you can name him whatever your little heart desires! ;) and i think it's funny how shaun doesn't really care of evaleigh, but it sounds like that's what you've got picked out anyway. lol i know ur still deciding, it just kinda looked that way on your post. funny!
and...just to throw this idea around...you can always name a baby after your best friend, after all, she is your sister in christ! that counts as family, right? i mean chantae somewhat pretty for a middle name or Echan or Etae would work for a boy or girl...or good ol' Marie...Emarie or Emary(no that one looks like mary with an e...lol..i'm just being dumb...so, i'll end and get to bed! =) have fun picking out a name..i'm soooo excited to find out next week..because you KNOW you can NOT keep it from me!!! =)

Veronica said...

I feel you on how hard picking a name can be! I was so excited when we finally decided on a name! I love how you use a family name somewhere in there. That makes it so much more special. We really couldn't do that because my grandparents names were so not do-able...Bertha and Beatrice...don't think so!

Anyhow...it will be exciting to see what you name your little one! And about a feminine version to Martin, my sister had a good friend in high school named Martine.

Can't believe you're already half way there! That' so awesome!

P.S. I'll be emailing you tomorrow with the winner's info for the bread mix. Thanks again for doing that!

Jennifer W. said...

Hmm...I must have missed your last post somehow...I'll have to look for it tomorrow. I know an Ezra and he's a sweetie. Emmie's name is actually Emelia, pronounced like Amelia, but I think you've already got that one covered! ;) And for a middle name that honors Martin, I know a little girl named Maren. Mar pronounced like 'Mar'y, not like m-ah-r. It's similar to Martin, but still unique, and I think it's pretty. As for the E names themselves, I can't help much. I really like Emmie, but didn't want that to be her given name...she can be Emelia when she's too big for Emmie, you know? Names are HARD! But you'll get it.

April said...

A LENS COVER POCKET! What a brilliant idea! Wish I would have thought of that! LOL There's no way that cover is coming off though, unless I cut it off. I have a bear of time getting that on!!

Leah said...

All of my kids names come from family. Gavin's middle name is Lane (his dadddy's middle name) Kami's middle name is Ruth (Chad's grandma's name) and Luke's middle name is Randall (my maiden name.) I REALLY like Elias, but I'm partial because that was my grandfather's middle name :)

christy rose said...

I can't wait until you find out if it is a boy or a girl and I just love how you are eating up the alphabet with names for your babies. That actually helps in coming up with names I think. Only 'e' names people! :) I loved everyone of your name suggestions!

He & Me + 3 said...

I knew a girl Eli and I loved that name for a girl...what about that? I also like Ezra, very unique!

gemini said...

Love your blog.....following you. join me too for WFW today, have an amazing day ahead.

~*Michelle*~ said...

I think I know that "cool" Ezra you speak of. *wink

Laughing out loud with the "Name Nazi" reference!!! HA!

I am all about Eden.

20 weeks!! WOW!

Jennifer said...

LOVE Elijah and Emilee! Such clean, classic names!! Good luck!!

How are you feeling?

~ Jennifer