i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a random little post.

it's been pretty much forever since i've sat down and typed up a blog post.

i have so much to say. and probably won't even cover everything!! :)

something i don't think i even shared on my blog is some SUPER SUPER exciting news!! about a month ago i was in a local boutique in town. somehow it came up that i crocheted the kiddos hats. and then it came up that they were going to be looking for a new crocheter for the store! so i left my business card and a few days later the owner of the store called me to set up a time to meet. i met with her that weekend and she WANTED me to have my hats in the store!! she requested 20 hats. isn't that insane!?! i still can't get over it. i finished up the hats a few weekends ago and officially got them in the store! in addition i've been getting other orders through my facebook page. i seriously stand amazed at what the Lord has done with this little hobby. i never could have imagined this!

the kids are all doing well. i still can't believe i have six kids. saying it STILL seems weird. six. i have SIX kids. i stare at each one of them each day and am so thankful that the Lord has given us this opportunity to be their parents.

next weekend is our churchs women's retreat. i'm so excited for it! i'm part of the planning committee and have enjoyed seeing God's hand in all of the planning and can't wait for the retreat to see what he's going to do. we hold the retreat at a local resort and you can't help but feel fancy and special the entire weekend. add in God's word and fellowship with sweet sisters in Christ and it's darn near perfect! i'm also excited to be sharing my heart at the retreat about something the Lord has worked on me on and laid on my heart. so i'd appreciate prayers for that!! :)

fletcher has started to sleep better at night. woo hoo! he's basically sleeping from about 9/10 until 4/5 each night. now...while it's awesome...he's actually the "worst" sleeper we've had! BUT it's not really "bad" and we're surviving. i'm hoping he sleeps well next week at the retreat...or my friend may regret wanting to room with me. ;)

we're plugging away at school. we're going to keep schooling through the summer again. basically we've become all year schoolers. it works really well. and we can take breaks when necessary. plus it keeps us more on a routine. this week we started doing history at night as a family. we all have been LOVING it. it's really brought on some cool conversations between all of us

my birthday was the other week. 31. that's so weird. i think it's weird because i remember my parents that age. when did i get old enough to be my parents age? :) my only request for my birthday is to be made to feel special. so, when i opened a gift from a very dear friend of mine...and almost cried...my request had been granted! the gift was a handmade rag quilt. just for me! all mine. something worked on and sewn just for me. fabric colors and patterns picked just for me. honestly. this present went down as the best birthday present i have ever gotten. no lie. i'm tearing up again just writing about it. to know that she thought about each piece of the quilt and made it just for me, meant and still means, so much to me. so friend, thank you again!! I also got other great cards and gifts that made me feel very special and loved. I have the best family and friends!! on my birthday i went to lunch with my mom and sister and the kids. we went to my favorite local coffee shop. it was fun and i'm glad that it worked out to do it! it's funny, if you would've told me 15 years ago i would CHOOSE to go out with my mom and sister for a birthday lunch i would've laughed! but i treasured the time we had together for lunch.

it's finally spring in wisconsin. i think, anyways. the other day it was so nice out, i wanted to literally run and scream. but i refrained! i think shaun is itching to get in  the fields. he's been working so much lately. i'm so thankful for the hard worker he is. but i spend so much time wishing he didn't have to work so much. no one should have to work 130-135 hours in a two week time period. i'm so thankful he has a job, and each day i realize just how much he sacrifices for our family. there are weeks that he sees the kids for only an hour or two a day. it's no wonder the kids cling to him when he's home. he works every other weekend, so on his weekends off the kids are so excited to see him still in bed on a saturday morning. i do my best to not complain about his job to him, i know that he doesn't love the hours either, and i don't want anyone to think i'm complaining now. i'm SO thankful he HAS a job. it just makes for some really long weeks sometimes. i can't wait to see what God will do for him someday. i always tell shaun that the Lord knows the desires of his heart and he WILL give him them. we just have to wait for it. ;)

i'm needing to get my hind end exercising. i hate hating how i look. i refuse to go shopping for clothes that fit me. mainly because i don't want to see the size i need. i need some motivation. maybe i should go buy a pair of size NOT WHAT I WANT THEM TO BE pants and it will get me off my large bum. i realize how it's starting to affect my attitude and other things, and i really need to change it. all i really want to do is LIKE what i see in the mirror!

anyways...i have most likely bored you to death. but it feels good to be random again. ;)

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Ashley said...

I love your random posts!

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