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Friday, June 12, 2009

it's one AM do you know where your kids are.

what!!? geez. i'm tired. BUT to save me some time in the morning...wait it IS morning. well okay to save me some time later...i thought i'd blog now. that and my friend and i are emailing back and forth and it's too fun to go to bed.

it'd probably be easier to pick up the phone and call. but emails are so much more fun.

oh and yes i know where my kids are. in bed. sound asleep. so is shaun. in fact he was in bed before i got home from my mom's party. usually he's asleep on the couch. i guess he figured he knows me well enough and i wouldn't get back anytime early. which i was home a bit after ten. what can i say, get me around some women and i talk. :0) you never would've guessed that would you have?!

quite honestly i am not a big talker until you get to know me. then you can't shut me up. well you probably could, you know if you put a paper bag over my head. well i'd probably still talk, it'd just be more muffled.

seriously. i should probably not blog so early in the morning! my 'goofy' side really comes out in the early morning. at a sleepover in middle school we stayed up all night. at some point we tried to fly. and broke the air mattress we were supposed to be sleeping on. oops. middle school sleepovers. hmmm. do they have mommy sleepovers. you know. where we stay up all night and talk and laugh and eat and just be silly?

that'd be fun wouldn't it? i think so. funny thing is. since being a mommy i rarely stay awake all night. except the past few weeks. i'm up til late and not tired. like seriously who stays up til one am?! me i guess. i'm sure that there are more of you as well.

my mom's party went well tonight. and it was my first time doing an actual demo. so i was a bit nervous and could kick myself for as many times as i said 'um'. or played with my hair. not like twisiting my hair valley girl like, but keep tucking it behind my ears like. okay. like. ;0)

valley girls. that reminds me of saved by the bell. i used to watch that show every morning before school. i didn't like the jr high ones. but the high school and college year ones were okay. now if i watched them i don't know what i'd think i guess. i just was happy that kelly and zach got together. lol. i really was. i remember being so excited to see their 'wedding'. it was like a big deal friday night thing too.

full house remains my all time fav. i have all eight seasons on dvd. did you know a different guy was slated to be danny tanner? i can't imagine anyone BUT bob saget being danny. they have the original pilot on the season one of the dvds. it's interesting to watch.

speaking of tv shows. anyone watch wipeout!? seriously. WHY? do people do that to themselves. we saw it a bit last week and shaun was channel surfing and amelya saw it last night and got all excited because it was her favorite show!! lol. it was funny. it is funny to see people falling all over and stuff...but i would never be doing that. put me on amazing race or something instead. or wait. don't. they have to eat gross stuff sometimes and go bungee jumping. i'll stick to my house!

what reality show would you go on? if any? i like reality tv. except that celebrity get me out of here or whatever. THAT was just lame. yep. lame-o. i don't know what i could be on. i would love to be on wheel of fortune. which yes i realize IS not reality but a gameshow. i just LOVE that show though. when shaun was crushed under the corn chopper i was supposed to go to the tryouts for that show. he took first to that though. so i missed them. maybe next time.

so my friend went to bed. i should follow suit. whatever THAT means. if you're so interested be sure to check out my TWO cloth diaper giveaways. and later today i'll announce the winner to my rgnaturalbabies store giveaway. because i am tireder now. and my contacts are drying to my eyes. ouch!

so off to bed i go. which i am sure you're thankful for! i hope some of this post made some sort of sense.

12 loving words from you.:

Jennifer said...

I SOOO want a moms sleep over! My hubby works for the fire deptartment, and he is gone for 24 hours, so my house is perfect for it. I wish my friends were as goofy as me and come over for one. But sadly, I am all alone in that. Oh well. :)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh you are too funny my friend! I am up for a sleep over sounds like fun to me! Wish you weren't so far away. I'm sure you'd be a great slumber party guest!

Yep, I loved Saved by the Bell!

Take care my friend!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Sleep over would be awesome!

I seen previews of Wipeout, but never watched it.

My son was in bed at 1 and so was I... I was beat!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Ohmygoodness!! I am rolling as I am reading this! We watch Wipeout! My boys love it! They call it the Water Obstacle Course, then they climb all over my furniture and jump around like they are doing the obstacle course too! It is hilarious! We started DVRing it so we can watch it!

He And Me + 3 said...

I felt like I was just listening to you talk for like 10 minutes. lOL
That post was hysterical. I loved SAved by the bell. Is it true they are doing a reunion show?
I don't watch TV, but I might have to for that. 24 is off now so that gives me an hour of TV time a week. Perfect.
Now i'm rambling. hope you have a great weekend.

Sneaky Momma said...

My girls love Wipeout, especially when the contestants fall in the water. :)
Glad to hear the party went well!

~*Michelle*~ said...

As you know, I am sending in an application/audition tape to The Amazing Race with my best friend. We are two Jesus chasing hippie moms with almost a dozen kids between us....should make for a good pair/team we think.

As far as WipeOut, Josh always tells me that I should go on that....then again, he laughs when I hop around stubbing my toe or something, so I am pretty sure he just wants to see me pull a total wipeout on national TV. nice.

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, 1 a.m. blogs are a good thing! We like your funny side!

And why WOULDN'T YOU bea total talker when you're out and about. You're normally stuck at home with four little bitty people who don't talk back --- or do, but not in the way that we moms prefer! ha ha ha

Jennifer W. said...

It might have made more sense if I were reading it at 1am!! LOL...as it is, you are cracking me up! Too funny!

Lisa said...

Wipeout fans too! It took the place of SURVIVOR for our family viewing pleasure!

heidi said...

You are a goofy girl! LOL

christy rose said...

You are way too tired!!!! It did seem like I was just listening to you talk and make very little sense because you were so overly exhausted. But I so laughed really hard!