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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

where did monday go?

seriously. it's TUESDAY already. monday flew on right by...

we had a fun weekend up north. unfortunately it was a tad too chilly to go swimming though. so we made the annual trip to k-mart. yes there are still some around!! you won't believe that i actually took ZERO pictures all weekend. i decide to just enjoy the weekend instead of putting my face behind the camera the entire time. dustin slept awful on friday night though. that rotten tooth. which broke through. he now has one one top. and one on the bottom. on the opposite side. so saturday i was exhausted and actually went to bed when the kids did around 930. we made it home for church on sunday.

sunday we didn't have any plans. but some sort of just fell into our laps. we went to mcdonald's after church. mainly because friends of ours were there. but it was good. while we were there and all the kiddos were playing they asked if we'd want to try frisbee golfing. so we decided to do that.

i was not as bad as i thought i'd be at frisbee golf. probably because i don't have to catch it. all i have to do is throw it. and as long as it goes out and not straight up...you do pretty well. let's just say i had a mishap where i was pretending how i should throw. let go. and almost hit myself straight in the head. and dustin's. we brought all the kids with us. dustin rode on my back in the ERGO carrier. it worked well. and he slept most of the time. there was also a nice park there. so for the last three 'holes' the kiddos played while we could see them and finish up our game...

frisbee golf was a lot of fun. i think it'd be a lot of fun to get a big group together and have some sort of competition. pretty much because i love playing games and competing. ;0)

for supper. oh yeah. we had wildtree!! i got my new fall products and was dying to try out the skillet seasonings. so i made supper for all of us. using the mexican skillet meal seasoning. you just add hamburger. seasoning. rice. and voila. in about a half hour...SUPPER!! i thought it was really good. our friends liked it...i think. and AMELYA, my picky picky eater, LIKED IT!! so for sure need to order more of that. what is also nice is that it comes with TWO seasoning packets. i used both for us. it fed four adults. and five kids. with leftovers. so you get a lot. it also had a bit of spice to it...and i like spicy. ;0)

last night i made the cheese and herb skillet meal. again. super yummy. you add hamburger and noodles to this one. i made only one packet. and still had left overs. so shaun has had some yummy lunches the past two days. :0) to cheese up the meals a bit i also topped it with cheese. everything tastes better with cheese!! ((well at least i think so. and this IS wisconsin))

i have your mouth watering now don't i?! well you can't order these products until after the 15th. so just wait. and the boxes are all 8 bucks. for two packets. so not too bad at all. and like i said. they pretty much feed an army!! and don't have preservatives. msg. and all that other yuck in it. so totally worth it. if you're interested in the mean time you can feel free to check out my wildtree site by clicking on the button on my left sidebar!

today i must finish organizing the house. when i got home it all got thrown on the dining room table. so i finished most of it yesterday. but i sat on my butt too. i was tired. it was a busy weekend. and i always say...i can finish tomorrow. some might say: tomorrow never comes. well then...you're right. but tomorrow is today. and today i will do it.

and while most of my kiddos are still asleep...i'm off. i have to finish up printing off some wildtree labels for my parties in the next few weeks. as always if YOU'RE interested in a party let me know. i'm excited to share the new fall line!! :0)

10 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

we thought it was good too! i'd probably add the salsa next time though, but we both like it so it would work for us! and adding the cheese was good...it's always good! we add cheese to everything too!-that and ketchup! lol
which meal did you like more and why?
we should go Frisbee golfing again and keep score...makes it more competitive...and i know you like that! ellen said she thought about coming down and watching the kids for us...i told her she should have, but really the kids were great!
have a great day full of motivation to get your stuff done! pam is coming over today and all i have left to pick up is the clothes in my room..so, i'm off to do that!

Jane Anne said...

I have never played frisbee golf. I guess it sounds fun now that you describing it that way -all throwing and no catching!

Those wildtree products have my attention. It all sounds so yummy!

Veronica said...

Hey! Sounds like things have been pretty busy for you these days. The new Wildtree stuff sounds yummy! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Gotta love those spur of the moment get togethers! And it sounds like you guys had a great time! You just might want to be more careful with the frisbee next time ;)

Take care my friend!
Hope you get your house clean!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am amazed that you have no pictures, but I commend you. More fun that way. We are enjoying the wildtree products too. YUM

E @ Scottsville said...

Spur of the moment Frisbee Golf with friends sounds SUPER FUN!!!

Glad you had fun!

christy rose said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, i am hungry now, thankyouverymuch!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. Frisbee golf scares me, as I am afraid of flying objects near my head.

Lara said...

hope your trip was fun after the teething and sleeplessness. glad those seasonings are working out for you!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i would SO have you throw me a party if you lived closer!!

sometimes i just click on your blog to see pics of the kids. they are too stinkin' cute!