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Friday, September 17, 2010

friday ramblings

yay for friday!

i just have a bunch of randomness. so i figured, what the heck...blog it. :) plus i have my scheduled time to. so okay.

last night i did a ladies night at a local store with my wildtree. it was fun. i brought evaleigh with me, since it was a bit easier. and i didn't feel like pumping because i would've missed two feedings. and of course if nothing else brought people to my table, a baby in a sling did! lol. it was also kind of fun because at the last ladies night i was pretty pregnant. so it was sort of like a before and after. ((i'm also offering free shipping on any orders placed through that party. so if you're in need of something let me know. if you aren't local it's 5.50 off your shipping rate))

amelya's first grade math came in the mail/UPS yesterday. there is something SO fun about cracking open a new textbook. that was one thing i always loved about school. and now every year i get to do it. plus i have the teacher's manual. when i was little i LOVED getting my teacher's old manuals and 'playing' school with them. now i get to 'play' school for REAL. i always loved being the teacher to my sister, and it's even more fun being my own children's teacher.

we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. it's for a girl shaun works with. which actually is a rarity at his work. most people he works with are men. anyways, she's sort of a tomboy. and loves to do tractor pulls. so after they're officially married, they've rented out our town's grandstand/track and are having a tractor pull. isn't that great? i think it's so fun. plus they're pulling in their formal wear. LOVE it. it's nothing i would've done for my wedding. but i think it's great they're incorporating something they both love into their wedding day. i'm not sure if we'll make it to the pull, shaun has to work. but we get a 'date' for the dinner part of the wedding. we haven't had a date since months before evaleigh was born. i can't wait to get a night out semi-alone with shaun. (evaleigh will be joining us)

last month i took the kids to a local park by the lake. and i kept thinking how fun it would be to have a date there. however. it's wisconsin. and it has all of a sudden turned fall. like one day it was hot summer, the next day cool fall. so i don't think my 'romantic' date in my head, will be coming out of my head til next spring. of course thought it is wisconsin, so it could be 90 in a week. right now though i'm enjoying the cool 60 degree weather. it's nice to wear jeans actually. and it's nice because i can fit into my jeans i bought a week before i found out i was pregnant with evaleigh. after dustin i wore maternity jeans til...a week before i found out i was pregnant with evaleigh. so a looong time. it's nice to have button and zippers, instead of the 'secret fit' panel. :)

a random stranger at the grocery store saw me and the kiddos the other day. asked if they were all mine. and if we were going to have more. i didn't mind the questions, mainly i'm used to them, and she asked in a friendly way. and i said i *think* we're done. and i do think so. today. :) honestly though. i do think so. it's something shaun and i are still praying about. and talking about. it's a decision we're not taking lightly. and it's also a God led decision. which is why we just pray and pray about it. right now, we're feeling content. something neither of us have felt before, as far as having more kids has gone. it's an interesting feeling. yet it's a rollercoaster feeling too. part of me gets sad to think i may never read the word pregnant again. and then part of me feels sort of relieved to may never have to lose another baby again either. so basically we're waiting on God and making sure we're hearing Him and not our own hearts in the matter.

the other day i was in the bathroom and breigh was washing her hands. i hear her say: mom a toothbrush works good too.
i look.
 she was washing her hands...with her toothbrush. ((after she had gone to the bathroom. oy!))
she really cracks me up. i shared this on facebook when she said it, but a few weeks after evaleigh was born she asked me: did evaleigh cry when she was borned because she smelled your butt?
seriously. i have NO idea where she comes up with the stuff she says. but she keeps me laughing.

caitlyn is talking like crazy. all of a sudden she turns three and is a little girl. it's so weird once you can have an entire conversation with your kids. even weirder when it's now THREE of my kids. and i know dustin is coming up all too soon. he'll be two in a little over a month. he doesn't talk a lot. but neither did the girls at this age. but i can see the frustration in him not being able to have some of the words he wants. it causes some fit throwing and crying. we work through it by giving him the words he needs/is looking for. and let him know the fits are NOT okay. we don't let them happen. or i should say continue to happen. i used to ignore them, but it didn't make them get better or stop any sooner. so now the kiddos are told the fits are not acceptable. that it's okay to be mad/sad/etc BUT it is NOT okay to throw the fit. it works better at stopping the fits. and they're going to learn to not throw them. when we see one starting we remind them it is not okay to sit and do that. i mean seriously...you don't see (many) adults throwing themselves on the floor crying and kicking and screaming. so why should i let my kids do it. they can learn self control too. and it's a great thing to learn at an early age. they're allowed to feel mad/sad/etc but not allowed to kick and scream and throw a fit about it. ((they are allowed to cry. it makes it seem like they can't cry when i read that, but they are allowed to do that. lol. there's just a point where the crying turns into the temper tantrums...that are not allowed))

shaun had an awful cold this week. thankfully he's feeling better. but i've been waking up with a sore throat the past two mornings. i'm praying i don't get the cold he's had. he debated coming home from work, so it was bad! :)

well i suppose. i really could ramble all day. thankfully i've given myself a time limit! lol. hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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Jen said...

What a great "catch up" post!

The idea of seeing an adult throwing an all-out fit made me smile!

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and we have an 8:00am soccer game. Yay, Wisconsin. ;p I do love the cooler (but not too cool) days though.

Thanks for commenting today. :)

You have a great weekend too!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love reading your rambles amanda! They always make me smile even if I'm having a rotten day {which I am}!! Thanks so much for always being so honest and positive:)

Kristin said...

I like reading your long posts too! I still think that whole crying because she smelled your butt is hilarious! :D LOL! I totally agree with the no temper tantrums thing....I have always stopped them before they got started and thankfully I've never had any problems with my girls throwing them or anything like that.

Kristin said...

Date nights are great! My sister (our babysitter) has been away ALL summer and now she is back. :-) Our date night (with Alaine) is on the calendar now. Fun!

Fox Family said...

I totally agree about the tantrums!! And I only have 1! HA Then again having more kids kinda gives you even more reason to instill the "no fit throwing" at that age. Such a confusing process though, and I always end up feeling like a bully. HA I still crack up when I read the "smell your butt" hahahaha
I loved this post, randomness is the best!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I love your new setup!! You are so talented. I still can't figure it out, but I get overwhelmed trying. So I'm giving up. :)

It turned Fall over here also. It was crazy, Labor day, then BAM!!

-stephanie- said...

Fun catch-up. Laughed at Breigh's butt comment? :oD

Love the new header. Adorably cute.

Holly said...

Nothing draws people like a baby! lol

It did seem to get cooler quite quickly. I like it right now b/c it's not too cold or too hot!

I've been kinda slacking and letting Kyndra get away with more lately. I know I am not helping. Maybe your words will motivate me to get back on the ball!

He & Me + 3 said...

yeah for a date night. enjoy it. Cracking up at Breigh's comments. she is hilarious. LOL about when Evaleigh was borned.
Glad Shaun is feeling better...tell him to get some rest.
Have a great weekend.
Love the new header. CUTeness

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Your rambles are always so fun to read, it is like being in your head! Now, i agree on the fall weather up this way, who knows what you will get!

Allison said...

Amanda, thank you for stopping by my blog! This post cracked me up. My recently turned 4 year old daughter says the craziest things as well. You have a beautiful family.