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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

slowing down?!

not at all!! life is full of crazy busy stuff lately. but ALL GOOD crazy busy stuff.

first i need to announce the winner of my yoplait giveaway:: i used random.org to pick. it picked number 17 which means...it's MELISSA...who is actually a dear friend of mine. who has been quoted saying: i NEVER win anything. i think it needs to be changed too...i can't believe HOW MUCH I WIN!! :)

and speaking if winning...and giveaways...i made a facebook page for my wildtree business awhile ago. and am really trying to use it to promote my business. and i was a lame-o this past week and ordered two jugs of natural butter oil...i meant to order JUST natural...SOOOO when i hit 500 'likers' on facebook...one of my 'likers' is getting a 64oz jug of butter oil. so even if you don't have facebook...make an account, like my page...and enter. :) it's a 50.00 value! ((and i could return/exchange, but i'm honestly just too lazy!))

and here's one more giveaway. another friend, sarah, is hosting and sponsoring a giveaway for the cheddar and herb skillet meal. we LOVE that here. it's very similiar to hamburger helper...without the MGS, preservatives...etc etc etc...go enter that giveaway here. thanks sarah!!

so like i've said...it's been crazy busy here. but all good. really good. i think i'm finally getting in the 'groove' of the school year. so that's a  huge accomplishment. i've also become more 'strict' in my scheduling and not so willing to just drop everything if we haven't done school yet. we've made the commitment to homeschool, and it needs to be our priority not our 'get to it when we can' mentality...i sort of had that last year. so sadly gone are the days of all day play dates, and hours at mcdonald's. but it's a new season of homeschooling and it's so fun. so even though i'm sad to see certain things go, it's an exciting time to see the changes God has in store for us!!

so mondays there is nothing 'scheduled' outside of the house. so i will sometimes schedule a chiro appt. BUT school MUST be done before we leave if it is in the afternoon. OR if the appt is in the morning, we must be home by 1 for school time. we generally do school during naps.
tuesday morning is dance class. so i will maybe run some errands, but will be home by 1 for school.
wednesdays are our tricky days! every other week til november we have a homeschooling co-op, on those weeks there is no 'school' at home. so we mix around and do half of wednesdays work tuesday and thursday to stay on track. the weeks we don't have WINGS we have had other stuff going on. tomorrow we're going on a field trip with some other homeschooling friends to a local apple orchard. shaun took off of work so he can 'chaperone'. :)
thursdays are our, stay at home days. especially weeks we have WINGS we need to stay home. it's nice to not have anything to rush out the door for on thursdays!!
fridays are open to leave. but ran pretty much like a monday. lol.

it's nice to have a schedule set. and i know as we get further along in school it will need to change. we can be a bit flexible now, but as the grades get harder, we will probably be changing it up again. i'll cross that bridge when it comes!

oh. yeah. we have a mouse in our house...AGAIN! it's getting cooler outside...so they want to come inside. seriously...isn't the garage or barn warm enough!?! just stay out! we found some kid safe traps, so we can hopefully trap and kill our lovely uninvited guest. blech. i just hate it.

shaun has off this weekend. but if our soybeans are ready, he'll be working out in the fields. which he loves to do. i'm getting excited for him and his christmas gift. i am almost 100% sure he doesn't read my blog, but in the off chance he does...i'm not giving any hints. but it's getting SO hard to keep it quiet!

i packed away all of evaleigh's 0-3 month clothes this weekend. she will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. *sigh* i can't believe it. she's smiling and cooing away  now. and i tear up just looking at the beautiful gifts God's blessed us with. they all amaze me.

i tried to get an audition for wheel of fortune this weekend. my name wasn't drawn to have a chance. but it may still be randomly picked from all the entries. how COOL would that be?! it's honestly my dream to be on wheel! lol. the kids all came with us and had fun watching the 'speed up rounds' played. i was glad i went, it was a fun experience anyways.

okay. so my schedule allows me no more time on my blog for the day. :) i've become so far behind in my blog reading too. i hope on thursday to get back to them!

thanks for reading. i love being able to ramble to you. :) and love that you find it interesting enough to come back again. i've been blessed by so many friendships made through this 'silly' blog!! who would've thought?!

12 loving words from you.:

SMALLS said...

Too funny about wheel of fortune. I've always been curious how heavy it is to spin. I hope you get on!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I bet it would be so much fun to be on any gameshow! My hubby's aunt was on Wheel of Fortune a few years ago...I don't think she won much though:) I am so glad to see how serious and structured you are with your homeschooling! I know you are a great momma who wants to make sure her kiddos learn everything they can!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Regarding the mouse--we had one when we first moved in to our house. Hubby found some possible "entry points" and sealed them with "Great Stuff" (that's what it's called). It's worked--no more mice in our house!

Regarding Wheel of Fortune--Oh my goodness! I tried to get on that show, too, but my name wasn't called either. But like you, it was fun to go. I went like 6 years ago, I think.

I also tried to get on Let's Make a Deal 7 years ago...but the one week we were in CA was the one week Bob Barker was on vacation, so NO tickets! I was SO BUMMED!

Yes, I would love to be on a game show someday, but in all honesty I'd probably freeze up and make a fool of myself. :-P

Jessica-MomForHim said...

DUH! It wasn't Let's Make a Deal, it was The Price is Right with BOb Barker--I can't believe I screwed that up! Getting old, ya know! ;-)

Fox Family said...

You are busy! Sounds fun though! And Wheel auditions... That cracks me up! HA

Kelli said...

LOVE your ramblings! :)

Lara said...

I heart wheel! I'd love to be on that one. Sometimes, when I'm lazy and not feeling like cleaning up the table after dinner, I'll let the kids have a picnic so I can sit on the couch--and if wheel is on, I call it a "word lesson." I'm sure they can learn from that show!!!

Kristin said...

So fun about Wheel of Fortune! Hope you get a chance! :-)

Maire said...

Amanda, I wish I had the energy again that you have! Ahh I miss the days of little one's all around! You had asked me if I wanted to post a recipe with a giveaway by you on my blog; please let me know how you would like to do it. I have to update all the buttons on my blog, I would love to add yours.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

12WEEKS!!!!! That is insane!! Where has the time gone?? :)

Holly said...

That would be so cool to be on WOF!

Hope you catch that mouse fast. I think we finally got all of ours and I'm so glad. So sick of them!!

Toyin O. said...

hope you get wheels of Fortune, that will be cool.