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Saturday, October 22, 2011

to my little man, on your birthday...


you're three today. THREE years old. i cannot believe it. at all.
you are the sweetest little boy i know. the love i see pour out of your heart and soul is amazing to me. and i know that you could've only learned that from the man in our lives, your daddy. i see you doing the things he does already. hugging. cuddling. and telling me that "i love you, my momma". the only way you're going to learn how to be a husband and daddy is by watching your daddy. and i'm SO very thankful you have such a great example to learn from...and it's a blessing to see what you've learned already.

in public you often get told, "you poor boy, with all those sisters." I tell them, he's going to make the perfect husband someday! there is nothing poor about you, mr dustin. you are one of the richest boys i know. not only do you have the best daddy in the world, you have four of the most awesome sisters in the world. who will help you learn all about girls. i'm excited to raise you with sisters. that's another thing you have in common with daddy, he grew up most of his life with only 2 sisters, and i think that's helped him be the sensitive man he is. so your wife is going to be one blessed lady. ((not that i want to even think about you being married, but since i'm already praying for your wife, i may as well acknowledge...it WILL happen someday. ;) ))

even with four sisters...you are all boy. you love all things tractors...but they *should* be green. but you will play with the other colors too. i just giggled the other day when you told a man, that his tractor on his shirt should be green and not blue. :) ((and again an influence of your john deere loving daddy)) you love to play outside. you love to slide down the pole on the swing set. and you love the sand box. you're fine with being dirty, but when you're done being dirty...you have to go wash your hands.

i love watching you with your sisters and play "daddy". or play dress up. or to just be what little brothers can be. ;) the relationship you have with your sisters is rare. i love it. i love that you are all so close to each other. i'm so blessed to see you learn and grow when we do school together. i'm really just so blessed to have been choosen to be your momma.

we found out that you were a boy before you were born. i'll admit...i was a bit scared. i didn't know if i was going to be able to know what to do with a boy, after three girls. you helped me learn that it's really not that different, and yet completely opposite all at the same time. i was excited to get my dustin. you're named after your uncle kyle. and from the stories i've heard about him...you share some of that little "boyness" that he had.

you're a great little brother and a great big brother. i love watching you hug evaleigh. and talk to her sweetly. i often think of your little brother in heaven and miss that he didn't have chance to have you as a big brother. because you would've been great to him too. and i'm sure would've given me gray hairs too. :) i'll be sure to always tell you about your little brother and other little sibling. as well as the older sibling you have. some day when we all get to heaven we'll meet them. :)

i love watching you learn and grow at church. you do amazing in the "big kid" class and have stolen the heart of all your teachers...and mine again because i get to teach you too! you love to learn and listen about Jesus. and when we pray together at night i love the seriousness in your little voice as you pray to God. never stop that seriousness for Him. never stop loving Jesus. never stop holding tight to Him. because even though i love you more than you'll ever ever know....He loves you even more than that.

cling tight to Him by baby boy. love Him. and live for Him.

my dustin. i love you. always and forver and a day after that.
your momma

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Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Dustin! What a darling boy. This was a beautiful post Amanda!

Love, Linda