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Saturday, January 14, 2012


i've decided, if you ever take a month off from blogging...you'll get zero comments on your "come back" post. ;) so i'm not even sure if there are any of you reading this. but i'm blogging anyways.

i learned to crochet in november. i've been working hard on learning new stitches and creating new things. to think i started out like THIS!! i'm seriously embarassed...but you have to start SOMEWHERE!

eventually i got a little better...and made myself a scarf.

then i did wascloths for Christmas gifts. (i also did scarves for Christmas gifts...BUT still am working on them. i got 2 and 1/3 scarves finished. ;) i put a little too much on my plate with that, especially to get them done in less than a month.)

my goal was a flower and a hat. i got the flower down pretty well. (and various other flowers as well! woo hoo)

and i turned it into a hairclip.

then i tried a hat. the first one fit...a baby doll.

then i got one to fit evaleigh.

and in the mean time...my awesome friend, veronica, sent me a whole load of yarn. seriously. she's great!!

i used that to practice a new pattern for a washcloth...

and then an owl hat. because i think they are so cute. and i will refrain from pointing out all my errors. it is not perfect. but i finished it.

dustin loved it too.

i've also been blessed to teach amelya and breigh how to do a simple chain and single crochet. breigh was trying to teach caitlyn. the best part was her comment "this is how i used to do it, when i was little". lol.

since it seems i have no pictures of amelya crocheting/in any of my projects...here is a cute picture of her. :) (plus these are all just from my phone that i posted to facebook, so don't mind the poorer quality)
amelya got a nook for Christmas, from shaun's sister. she's LOVING it. and my sister and shaun's other sister got her some barnes and noble gift cards. so she's been buying up her favorite boxcar children books.

it's amazing through all of my crocheting how God has been working on me. i usually am VERY critical of myself. and get frustrated and mad. and then usually quit. so i'm so thankful for the talent He has blessed me with. and the patience He has given me with myself. and even more thankful for my sweet friend, jana, who took the time to teach me the basics. i'm praying about this talent. and seeing what God has for me in it. i'd love to have the opportunity to make things to help supply our family with a little bit of income. clearly not a lot, but something would be really nice. so we'll see what God has in store. :)

6 loving words from you.:

Lindy said...

Your projects look so good! Happy crocheting.

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Good job! I've been wanting to learn how to crochet, but my schedule has kept me from it. Maybe, hopefully, soon!

I love your pics...especially the last one of Amelya. She looks so grown up with her nook ;) Too cute!

Blessings to you my friend!

Holly said...

youre doing a good job at it!

The Mama said...

I'm glad your posting again. I've seen your stuff on FB and liked it there, but I guess I need to make comments on the blog too. I'm horrible about commenting on blogs! I'd love to earn money for our family off of crafts, but I need to find the talent (and time)! HA :)

-stephanie- said...

You're doing a great job Amanda! Keep up the good work. Love how the little ones are into it too.

And I read your last post, just a bad commenter. Welcome back. I love seeing how your kiddos are growing.

Kristin said...

Love the owl hat. We've nicknamed our little Alaine "Owl-laine" so I always notice things with owls.

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