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Monday, January 23, 2012


a random post.
mainly because i have time.
it's fun.
and then i don't have to worry about jumping all over the place in what i say.

and really what a i have to say, is a bunch of nothing. but given the opportunity to ramble...i usually will. :)

first off, i feel bad about making you feel like you HAD to comment on my posts. it's okay if you don't. i'm guilty of the same thing...reading, and not commenting. i just was super surprised that i had zero comments. so please don't feel pressured. read. don't comment. :)

i've been coming along nicely with my crocheting. i really have been so blessed by it. really blessed. it's something fun to do during rest time. after the kids go to bed. or at craft night. (i actually feel like i'm using craft night as i should now! lol) i finished some hats over the weekend and am almost done with a hello kitty hat for a friend. it's so much fun. seriously FUN.

speaking of crochet reminds me of a dear friend of mine. veronica. the one who lives in california. the one i visited last january. guess what?!! i'm so stinking excited to announce i'm going back to california!! i've wanted to go back since the day i left. and really have been praying about going back. well shaun decided to let that be my birthday present. so i'm going the day after my birthday in april. from a wednesday to sunday. i've told shaun and veronica both, i'm so excited to just go and hang out for a weekend. i really don't have a need to go sight seeing, as i saw quite a bit in january. i just want to go and hang out with a dear friend. i'd love to be able to bring the whole family, but plane tickets times 6 people is a lot more than just one ticket. ;) so for now, it's just me. i hope to drive out there one day as well. so my whole family can see the beauty of california. there is just something about that place that has my heart. i'm not really sure why/what does. but since i was a little girl i've always dreamt about california. so it's truly another dream come true to go back.

the only downfall to the entire trip is going to be missing our church's women's retreat. as of right now it's "unofficially" scheduled for the same weekend i'm going to be in california. i honestly was really bummed about it when i found out. but have been praying non-stop for God to just give me a peace about it all. if i'm supposed to be going to the women's retreat He'll work it out. and if i'm not...well at least my reason for missing it, is california. :) honestly since i've left the women's retreat last year, i've been looking forward to this years. so i hold the same feelings for it. the fellowship of the women is so much fun, and the teaching last year is still speaking to me.

i love the women of our church. i've been blown away by the friendships God has blessed me with. and i've been surprised by a few as well. one of my most dear friends is someone i never would've thought i'd be "cool" enough for. i admitted this to her after we were talking once, and she laughed at me. it's been truly great. there is another woman at church who is a great sew-er. (i'm not sure how to spell sew-er without it looking like sewer. ANYWAYS!) she once led a craft night of helping with alterations, or just sewing things. i am not a sew-er. at all. but wanted to make amelya a case for her nook for her birthday....so jean offered to help me do that! i'm so excited. i'm going there this weekend and we're going to make it. her husband is out of town for the weekend, so it'll be something nice for her too. :) i always like have plans when shaun works late/or is gone. (which thankfully he is never usually "gone" as much as he is late)

we had friends over for a game/snack night this weekend. it was a lot of fun. and it wasn't even too crazy with 9 kids in our house! we really don't "host" a lot. i'm not sure why, but i really want to try and change that. this was one step in that direction. one of our friends from church is always hosting someone's family. and i think it's great. (i LOVE being hosted by them, beth is a fantastic cook, and the fellowship is always super fun) so that's a goal of mine for the new year...invite people over more! because you can't go wrong with playing games. it's always fun when people are competitive like i am. it doesn't really matter if you win, but it's the competitiveness playing that i love. the laughs while playing are fun too.

i've been able to borrow out my maternity clothes to two sweet friends who are pregnant. it's nice to be able to share them. when i was folding them i was thinking about how my clothes have been shared with 6 different people, besides myself. ((i seriously could cloth a small pregnant village with the amount of clothes i have!)) i love my maternity wardrobe, so it is nice to share it with others. and since i will not need it again, it's nice to have it worn by dear friends before goodwilling/selling it.

we are selling our carseat this week too. it's weird to see all this baby stuff leave our house. yet it's a good weird. a end of a chapter i guess. as of right now, and the near future, it's a chapter i don't see beign opened again. i also know that the Lord is in control. and while i feel that i will never birth another baby, i can't say that i don't see any more kids in our house. we'll just have to see what the Lord has in store for our family. our decisions are all led by Him.

hmmm. i'm not sure i have anything more random to talk about. that's a surprise. i think i'm going to enjoy the rest of my chicken noodle soup lunch and some cosby show re-runs. ((i can't tell you how excited i was to see that they played the cosby show on one of our few channels. lol))

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Lindy said...

You are doing a great job crocheting. I can't remember...did you teach yourself or have help? The hats look very cute.

I'm so happy you will be able to see veronica again. I know that's a special friendship between the two of you.

Oh and you will have to check my blog. I have 2 giveaways this week and one is going to be crochet related. Oh yes! I thought of you!