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Monday, February 06, 2012

crochet talk.

when i started crocheting i was so happy. mainly because i felt like i was accomplishing something. i felt "sucky" compared to my friends who are amazingly awesome at everything they do. whether it be how they decorate their home...knit...crochet...craft. i always felt like the ideas were in my head, but could never make it down my arms and out of my fingers.
til my great friend taught me how to crochet. crocheting has become so relaxing for me. even when i've screwed up on things...it still has not been stressful. God's grown me so much in not being critical of myself and my work. it started out with me making hats for my kiddos. and then a friend asked if i'd make washcloths for her. and then i offered up to make hats for friends on facebook. and i've been SO blessed to see little ones in hats I have made. ME! i can't tell you how much it blesses me to see people in something i've made. i've even done a hat for a sweet cousin of mine. it's been huge for me.

i guess i like how "good" it makes me feel. and makes me feel some sort of important. not that i didn't feel important before, i'm not sure HOW to explain it i guess. but it feels good and i love how far God has brought me through it.

someone asked me a few weeks ago where i find the time to do all this crocheting. i'm not letting the rest of the house go. or the kids run wild while i crochet, i just find some times during the day that work best. our kids all do rest/nap time in the afternoon. i, 75% of the time, use that time for me, to do whatever i want. so i've been using it to crochet. after the kids go to bed, shaun is usually asleep within an hour. so i crochet after they go to bed and shaun rests his head on my lap, snoring away. i tend to stay up late, so i'm usually up til at least 11. and instead of vegging in front of the tv, i'm crocheting while doing it. it makes me feel useful i guess. all i know is that i am a much better wife and mom when i take the time to do something for myself. i like how it doesn't have to mean me leaving the house, i can just relax on the couch and crochet away. i also feel like i accomplish something at craft nights. you can get a ton of crocheting done while fellowshipping with sweet friends. :) so even if you don't crochet, i encourage you to find something to do for yourself. it doesn't even have to mean crafting. (reading is another "me" thing) and really....those dishes, dust, crumbs, laundry...will all wait for you. so take the time and relax for a little while. it won't hurt at all. :)

with that said. i thought i'd throw out my crochet 'info'. just in case you'd be interested in something. my hats (i've already done owl, hello kitty, elmo, beanie, flower beanie, striped beanie and am willing to try anything with a pattern to go off of) are available for $15 for children and $20 for adults. washcloths $2 i can also do scarves for $15 and flower hairclippes for $3 (small) $5 (large)

here are some of the hats i've done. :)

i winged it with the elmo hat, and was pleased with how it turned out. it was for my sweet little niece.

i LOVE the bulky yarn. these were for two precious girls. ((i also took all these pictures on my phone, so it isn't the super best quality. my new goal is to get "nice" pictures on my camera.))

bad lighting. but the blue beanie i LOVED. and made my heart melt seeing the sweet little boy i made it for, wearing it. and the hello kitty hat looked so sweet on the newborn it was made for.

the top hat was for  my cousin(if you check out her blog, you can see her in it). the hello kitty hat in progress. and the green and red hat was for the same little boy. ((did i mention how i love the bulky yarn?!))

i was so happy to find a specific blue my friend was hoping for. this is a university of kentucky inspired beanie for a newborn baby boy. :)

i made three of my five kids owl hats. amelya's was my last. it fits her personality perfectly. :)

last week it was super nice here. i watched my niece for a short time, and we met my sister at chili's for lunch. we waited outside since it was so nice. i thought it made a good advertisement for my hats too. :) ((if only dustin wore his that day!!)) and gosh darn, those kids are stinkin' cute!!

there you have it. if you're interested in something, please feel free to let me know, by emailing me. i'd love to work together with you. currently "on the hooks" are a few projects. (i have 5 out of 12 washcloths done. an adult bulky hat finished...waiting for a flower, and a hello kitty hat waiting for eyes, ears and a nose and bow. and then i have the yarn bought for a child earflap hat) i'm giving myself a week and a half to finish projects. and will let you know if i'll need more time! and i know you'll understand that this homeschooling momma of five can be a little busy sometimes. :) and i like to work on a few projects at a time, then i don't get "bored" with the same thing. call me crazy i guess. :)

5 loving words from you.:

Laura Railing said...

LOVING the hats!! They look great! Good job!! I especially like the Elmo one and the owls!


Holly said...

Was it hard to learn? I tried once to learn but didn't get far. Id love to learn to make stuff for sufficient grace.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Amanda those hats are so cute! I totally get the whole feeling like you accomplished something when you make something yourself. I feel like that when I make stuff for my boys:)

Susan D said...

The hats are fantastic. Glad you found your thing. It's funny people ask when you can find time. But I bet if you crochet whilst waiting to go into an appointment, most people are sat there doing noting?

dailylinkbuilding said...

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