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Friday, June 22, 2012

getting prepared.

the picture above is *most* of the books we'll need for unit one of tapestry of grace. and of course unit one of tapestry. i ordered the books required for the unity from half price books, and saved a lot of money. my goal is to get into the half price books near us and check for the rest of the units.

i'm so excited to start school. i think we'll be starting in a few weeks. my goal is two weeks. we've also been enjoying our summer, and have been pretty busy. when we start i think it'll be a slower paced start til fall. i'm really just so thankful for God providing the finances for the curriculum and the books. i love the way He works it all out.

we'll be starting year one of tapestry of grace ((i bought the Tapestry of Grace/Digital Edition: Year 1)) within each year there are four different levels, you just decide where to place your child. it's either lower grammar. upper grammar. rhetoric. or dialect. so i'll have caitlyn and breigh in lower grammar, and i'm starting out amelya in upper and we'll see how it goes. i only ordered student sheets for breigh for lower grammar and figured i can wing it with caitlyn. she'll be 5 on the 6th of september, so technically i have an entire two years to get through K with her. BUT i know she's "ready" for 'formal' schooling, so i love the beauty of homeschooling and i can start her whenever i want.

*sigh* seriously staring at the picture gets me all giddy. :) God has truly given me the joy of homeschooling my kiddos. i'm really excited to see what this year brings for us. the first three weeks are all about egypt, and i'm super excited about learning along with the kids. it seems i learn about things i never even remembered learning to begin with.

tapestry does a much better job of explaining their year one, and all their products. so i encourage you to check them out. they also give you three weeks free! i love that part, it's honestly that, that got me sold on it. just click the picture for more info. :)

**i will also let you know that i am an affiliate with TOG, so if you purchase through the links, i'll get some credit for it. this is not the purpose for this post. and i don't care if you buy it through me or not. i just thought i should let you know!  i just wanted to share the 'giddiness' of my love for homeschooling with you all!**

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Starting in two weeks? Nice! Then you can take it easy and have a good time! Sounds like a good curriculum!