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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


our rummage sale was a success!! it went super well! don't mind miss evaleigh crying in the picture. she was super crabby that day. in fact she had a fever one of the days of the sale and THANKFULLY my sister in law (who is my parent's neighbor) came over and then took her home and hung out/napped with evaleigh. then on saturday i noticed she had hand foot and mouth disease. THAT explained the fever and crabby baby! she's doing much better after that. 

i was selling two of my baby carriers in the sale and sold one of them! ((i still have a sakura bloom ring sling to sell!)) and in the meantime got great use out of my ergo carrier. dustin hung out in it for a little while one day. and the day evaleigh was crabby (*sick) she was much better in the ergo! aren't they cute!

 it was a successful sale, like i mentioned. and i absolutely had fun making the day of many people. there was a little girl who was SO ecstatic about a dora outfit. and then a boy who acted like the teddy bear he found was the BEST thing he's ever seen. and even better i loved seeing some of my favorite outfits go to good homes. in fact, the next day after buying something, a girl stopped over just to show me a picture of her daughter in the dress she bought. it was SO much fun to see. i seriously got all giddy about it. and i gushed over every outfit that someone bought that was my favorite, people probably think i'm crazy!! ;)

one day on the way to the sale breigh brought her baby. her baby was safely buckled into the front seat. ((of course we do not recommend this with REAL LIFE babies)) it was just sweet. and it totally fits my breigh. :)
here's a sweet picture of miss evaleigh. it was fairly warm each day, so she enjoyed some water to cool off.

AND...praise GOD!! it rained on saturday! it's been so dry here. and awful dry. so we were so excited to see water falling from the sky! shaun even called me to ask me if i saw it was raining. our crops needed it. our lawn needed it. everything needed it! and the kids LOVED playing in the rain!!
a friend from college was there when it was raining and all of them enjoyed playing together. it was so fun to catch up with friends who made it to the sale. seriously, those things made me more excited than making money at the sale!

it was also fun hanging out with my sister for the week. the kids all had fun playing together and we had fun chatting and helping each other with the sale. it was a blessed week...but i was sure glad when it was over! rummage sales are a lot of work!

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