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Monday, July 02, 2012

monday morning giggle.

who couldn't use a giggle in the morning...here is one that made us giggle this weekend.

saturday we went through the drive thru of a restaurant, the girl said have a good night. (it was lunch time) breigh asked why she said good night. i just said she probably messed up. not a big deal.

amelya proclaims with all seriousness...she got SCREWED!!

i stifled my giggle and asked, what?

mom, she got SCREWED. said again, just as serious.

i asked her, what do you mean? screwed?

clearly exasperated with me, she said. "MOM. it's SHORT for screwed UP."

guess she set me straight. :)

((today i'm linking up to celebrate "mindful mothering"...it was one of those hilarious moments that makes you so blessed to be a momma!))

3 loving words from you.:

Lydia said...

Silly girl! This cracked me up :-). I hope you come link up with me today, I launched Mindful Mothering Mondays over at my blog. Come check it out?

A Faithful Journey said...


It's those silly moments that make all the trying ones more bearable! :)

Stopping by from Lydia's blog!

Kristin said...

So funny!