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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BFF {giveaway!}

it's no secret...i LOVE school supplies. even as a homeschooling momma...i can't start school (and didn't) until we had a new box of crayons for each of the kids. i also love buying some new folders, and notebooks each year.

i always want to buy something "fun" for the kiddos, but since my kids really aren't "into" all the normal stuff, (spongebob, justin bieber, dora, etc) it's hard to find something "fun".

so when i had the opportunity to receive these...
i was SO excited. these are fun for the kiddos...and my kiddos are totally "into" Jesus!!

in fact, when we were at walmart the other week, we were walking past these products at walmart and they stopped, and said, "MOM!! Look Jesus stuff!!" they were so excited. 

and i was so excited. i want my kids to be worshiping Jesus, not some made up character or singer. i think it's totally fine to like and enjoy those made up characters and singers, but kids are so inundated with all of these character items i think it can become unhealthy sometimes. 

i also want my kids to be bold witnesses. i fail a lot at being "bold". i know the Lord is working on that in my own life, through my kids, and things like this help to be a witness. even as homeschoolers we can still witness with these products. whether it be while buying them at the store. or perhaps when we're working on school outside of  home. making copies at the library. really, the possibilities for someone to see these are endless.

and i want my children to remember that Jesus IS their BFF. He was, is and always will be there for them. that when people of this world fail them, because they WILL, He NEVER ever will. and truthfully, i think it's a message that all of us need to remember. we're going to have disappointments from friends. but never from Jesus. 

too often we find ourselves looking for some "person" to fill that BFF spot. when the ultimate BFF spot needs to belong to Jesus. He gives us friends, and great ones at that, but the BFF needs to be Him. He needs to be first in our lives. above everyone else. our friends. our kids. and our husbands. 

so the product reminds my children that foremost Jesus needs to be their all in all. and it helps echo those same words into my own heart.

along with those super awesome products i also received these
they're U-Neeks. and they're simply adorable! and "u-neek". sure to put a smile on the recipients face as well. because somewhere in the internet world we've lost the art of sending cards just because. my heart has been to send out more cards. because outside of bills, as adults...we don't get much else. ;)

now, after seeing these...i'm sure YOU want some!? well through (in)spired deals...YOU have the chance to WIN a set of these same products. 

here's what YOU need to do::
 (leave a separate comment for each entry.)

1. Leave a comment sharing your favorite back to school item. 
((mine...crayons. all those pointy tips! ;)))
2. Follow my blog

you have until AUGUST 30th to enter the giveaway. 

Dayspring was awesome to provide me with these products. all opinions expressed are my own.

14 loving words from you.:

Kelli W said...

How cool that you can find them at Walmart too! I wonder if they have more boy friendly colors?!? My favorite school supply is new pencils:)

Kelli W said...

I follow your blog.

Amy Kolbe said...

I love the look and feel of new crayons

Amy Kolbe said...

I like your blog on Facebook

Amy Kolbe said...

I like Incourage on Facebook

Kristine said...

Favorite item... lunch boxes. I splurged and let my daughter get a gorgeous Vera Bradley lunch bag. I might have to use it sometime!

Kristine said...

I liked incourage on FB!

mittelmommy said...

I just saw these the other day at walmart and was shocked in a good way to see these as well! Hmm...to pick one thing i love...crayons is a big one, but i like writing with markers...and since having kids, i really like getting the washable ones!

mittelmommy said...

I like you on fb

mittelmommy said...

I like incourage on fb

amelia said...

I love school supplies too! I always end up buying pens and highlighters and notebooks this time of year, even when I didn't have kids in school! I love the Dayspring stuff. My daughter found Dweeber to be a big encouragement to help her overcome the back to school jitters.

(I'm not entering your give away since I already received products :)

Melissa said...

Crayons are my favorite back to school item. i love reading crayolas new names of colors.

Melissa said...

i like your blog on fb :)

Melissa said...

i like incourage on facebook.