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Friday, September 21, 2012

family date.

in our family we try to take one on one dates with the kiddos. we take mom and dad dates. and we also try to do some special family things as well.

last weekend we decided to surprise the kiddos with a date. we checked out movie times and found out that we could make it to a matinee pricing for finding nemo in 3D. the kids have watched the movie in our truck no less than 100000 times. so we knew they'd enjoy it.

we didn't tell them where we were going. and when we got to the movie theater they were all trying to hold in their grins. they still didn't know what we were going to see...and we didn't tell them. i bought the tickets. and  quickly put the finding nemo 3D glasses in my bag.

we walked to the theater and found our spots. and i had them close their eyes. i set the glasses on their laps and had them open them. they were super excited to see finding nemo in the theater.

and check out these glasses!

they don't make 3D glasses the same anymore! gone are the cardboard with one red and one blue lens! now they look like sunglasses!

the three older girls did great during the movie. dustin fell asleep. and evaleigh did well through the trailers and about 20 minutes of the movie. :) thankfully she was "free" to get in, and i didn't feel bad about walking out to get popcorn with her (hoping that it would get her to SIT still....it didn't.) she's two. she did great for a two year old. outside of being strapped in her carseat, i'm not sure if she's ever sat for 90 minutes. and why should she? :)

so family date. it was awesome....dude. (said in the voice of the turtle from nemo. ;) ) or in whale... aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssssooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeee. :)

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Verna said...

How fun! I'm watching my grandkids tonight so the parents can go bowling. Fun for all!