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Friday, November 30, 2012

a year!?

i can't believe it's been a little over a year since a dear friend gave me a lesson in crochet. i'm so blessed to see where God has brought that!! here's a bit of what i've been up to.

these hats were for shaun's cousin's twin daughters. i loved how they turned out!

  here are two adult hats! a winking owl and a newsboy hat!
another owl. and a superman hat. that super man applique was the hardest thing i've ever done!
an angry bird and two owls.

the angry bird hat was my first without following a pattern. i just saw something i liked and adapted it! God is so good. all glory MUST go to Him. :)

so it's been an awesome year of expanding my hobby. and i love where God has taken it so far, and can't wait to see where else He will take it!!

1 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

Wow--You are an inspiration! I love the hats! You should really have an Etsy shop (in all your spare time :)

I love the newsboy hat and the owl hats!

With Hope,