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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a little realization

well. it's been awhile. here's a recap.
one week...five sick kids off and on for an entire week.
by the weekend...they were fine.
enter sick husband for five days.
by the weekend...he was fine.
until sunday night. now he's sick again. in the nine years we've been married, he's called into work ZERO times...until last week it was twice. and...again today.
so i haven't had much time for my blog.

now that you're caught up. :) here's a post that's been stuck in my head for awhile.

for our anniversary this year we decided to not get gifts. we were going to be staying at a super super super super duper nice resort for a weekend and we decided that was going to be our gift. i stuck to that. shaun...did not. instead he bought me something little. but something AWESOME!! a panini maker.

seriously. IN LOVE!! i had wanted one, and he happened to be walking by them when he was buying me my card...and came home with this too. love it. and i realize that not every girl would handle getting a panini maker well, for her anniversary. but THIS girl was ecstatic. and i've used it a lot in the past (almost) month. 

and then the day after thanksgiving we were shopping. and i saw a kitchenaid mixer on sale. i've wanted one. but didn't think i'd ever "have" one. then i decided i'd ask my mom for one. she said YES! it was a steal. and it's a "cheaper" one, and i used up my mom's entire budget for our gift on one gift...but i don't care!!

last weekend we went to my parent's to make some cookies and candy. and i totally asked my mom if i could open my gift to use it. :) ((i did ask shaun first!)) she didn't care. and i got to use it!! i LOVE IT! and i wonder why in the world i never had one sooner. 

all of that to say...i've realized i'm getting "older". or maybe just smarter in my gift choices. i don't know really. and really i don't think i'm that old at all. old is 100. 30, ALMOST 30, is peanuts compared to 100. 

and really...when the biggest thing on my wishlist this year for Christmas, is a label-er...i think i am getting smarter. how have i lived THIS LONG without one?! ((i'm pretty sure shaun is getting me one, for those of you who still are needing ideas from me...so call him to be sure.)) because after i announced that i wanted a panini maker, shaun's mom bought me one...and now has to return it because he bought it for me. :) 

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Kristin said...
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tammy said...

(Sorry...deleted my comment because my 13 year old's account was signed in) Here's MY comment...

This girl also loves gifts like that!! ;) This year my parents bought my husband and me one of the Keurig coffee makers. I'm happy. Oh, and I do love my kitchen aid mixer! Congratulations on your wonderful presents! Enjoy!!