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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

exciting stuff!!

where have i been?!?! seriously. i blog consistently and then wham-o...nothing! :)

life has been busy. we had a week of sick kiddos the other week. all of them, except breigh got it. thankfully amelya was the only one that threw up. it was still crazy with high fevers and cuddly kiddos. we made it through it, and no adults were sick. so that was a plus! (december was long enough with shaun being sick most of it.)

this week our contractor stopped over and dropped of these...

the siding color samples!! SO SO SO SO SO times a million SO excited!! we *think* we have the color decided on. and are so excited to continue making our house "ours". the contractor thinks we'll start work on the house in march. so only a short time left!! woo hoo. seriously. i'm so excited. we're getting all new windows (minus, i think one or two that are still good) and a new patio door off the living room. in addition to that, i'm finally getting windows on the west side of my living room!! i've wanted them forever..but shaun always was against the idea. when the contractor came and i suggested the idea to him, he was able to convince shaun that it was, in fact, a marvelous idea! 

right now we only have our patio door as light to the living room. that is facing the south. so it brings in some light, it's an 8 foot door, so i guess it's more than some. but then the other wall is separating the play room and living room, so no light. and that is it because it is open into our dining room, which has only one window in it, a patio door on the north side. we're also changing up a few of the windows, covering some up, changing the size of all of them, and also covering up a door we don't use. i can.not.wait! and i'm hoping to get lots of pictures! or at least before and after...because...

we're going to tennessee! so excited. and we're trying to actually work out the trip and the construction to be at the same time, or at least part of it. then we don't have to worry about the kiddos being nosy. i think it'd be fun to leave to this house, and come home to the "remodeled" house. 

i'm so excited to be going to TN. we're, of course, going to visit our dear friends who just moved there in november. we've talked on the phone and had the girls chat on the phone a few times since then. ((and i'll say it really HAS been only a few times...of TWO hour phone conversations. ;) )) both of our families are super excited and march can't come fast enough. 

so yeah, lots of excitement. well, at least it's what I find exciting. and since it's what i find exciting...it's what i blog about.

and one more exciting thing, my sister is having a baby! so come late summer, i'll be an aunite X3. :)

4 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

Can't wait to se what color you pick!!! Thanks so so much for doing sophie's pics!!!

-stephanie- said...

Fun news on your house.

Awesome fun news on your sisters new baby! Honestly, I was just thinking about her a few hours ago. Don't know why, but when God does that to me, it means I need to pray. So, I will pray for her and a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Kelli W said...

How fun to go out of town and come home to a fixed up house! Plus you miss all the noise:)

The Mama said...

Fun stuff--remolded house, vacation, Auntie! Have fun1