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Thursday, January 02, 2014

3 weeks in...

fletcher is THREE weeks old today! it is amazing to me how fast these three weeks have flown on by.

i think i'm acclimating to a momma of three pretty well. i've been thrown into it full force. shaun's work hours have not slowed down at all...and perhaps have increased...or seem like they have. :) it was nice to have Christmas and New Year's mixed into these last few weeks. shaun had off for Christmas and had a half day yesterday..so even though he has been working quite a bit...the days off have been also nice. last weekend he worked and ended up not being able to make it to church...it was a challenge...BUT i made it to church ON TIME with all 6 kids by myself. :)

another fantastic thing that happened to us...meals!! our wonderful church family (and the kid's dance teacher) provided a TON of meals for us. i didn't have to cook for OVER A WEEK after we got home. we have never had this experience before. after evaleigh's birth we had two friends bring over a meal. but we've never had this experience of meals upon meals from our church family. it was and still IS a huge blessing to us. with this being baby number six and shaun working a ton...it was a huge help to not have to worry about what we were going to eat for supper for days. and there were usually leftovers for lunch. so a double bonus! and the desserts...we even got desserts! lol. it was nice for one of the meals our friends stayed for dinner with us. we didn't have a ton of visitors, well actually we didn't have any visitors after we got home...so it was nice to have company and enjoy a nice meal together.

fletcher has been a perfect fit for our family. he is a pretty laid back baby, unless he has to poop...he is a bit fussy until he poops. but nothing major. we had a few long nights with him a few nights ago, he basically was just fussy between every feeding. ALL.NIGHT.LONG. but i survived. and he hasn't done it since. i'm very thankful for that!! he still is eating about every 2-4 hours at night. i treasure the longer stretches of sleep. but overall am feeling pretty good. we've had no dance these last two weeks...no storytime...so it's been nice to not have anything we "have" to be at, outside of sunday church. because we've also had no wednesday church the past weeks either. so a nice slow transition into "real life" has been nice.

i still can't believe we have six kids. each night as we're hanging out in the living room i look around at our "full" room and just stare in awe at each one of the kids. of course, we've been asked...are you having more? honestly, i have no idea. and i just tell people we haven't talked about it yet. we haven't. we don't know. we both feel like we could be done. but i also am fine if we'd have another. and i'd be fine if we didn't. so we're praying about it, and seeking whatever God's desire for our family is. because whatever it is...it's GOOD! that and a "G" name seems a bit easier to think of! :)

okay. i'll have to cut this short. i have a hungry baby to tend to. :)

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