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Monday, February 24, 2014

2 months old!

fletcher was TWO months old on the 12th.

seriously?! where did the two months go.

i mean, has it REALLY been that long since i got a full night's sleep?! ;)

this gummy toothless smile makes it all worth it!!

he was 14 pounds 2 oz at his check-up.

no wonder i thought he was growing fast. because HE WAS. well i guess IS!!

he's fully in 3-6 month clothes, and i'm not sure how long he'll last in them. i'm thankful i didn't overbuy him on clothes. he only wore a few 0-3 month outfits once or twice!!

each time i look at him i wonder how in the world we didn't know he was missing from our family!!

we're so blessed by this little guy and the joy he brings to our family!!

most people think he looks like caitlyn...
pretty sure that i agree! although he doesn't look much like her as a baby...just like her now. they have that same chin. :)

oh, and i *finally* got him added to our wall...and updated pictures of the rest of the kiddos up.
the fake rocks don't allow for much symmetry, and i just have to learn to be okay with it. but it does drive me a bit crazy. ;)

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Amy Faulkner said...

Pretty pictures! A smiling baby is the greatest reward!