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Friday, March 07, 2014

because of hope {review & giveaway}

before we found out if fletcher was a boy or a girl i drooled over some of the cutest little burp cloths in the gift shop of the hospital.

and you can bet your bottom dollar (you know, if you're the betting type) that the next appointment i had after finding out...i went and bought some boy burp cloths! and then "liked" the company on facebook. that company is called Because of Hope.

after having fletcher...who is the spittiest of all our kids...i fell even more in love with the burp cloths. they're made from prefold cloth diapers...so they're super absorbent...all while being super adorable.

a few weeks back she posted a picture of a new teething toy that she was making. i contacted her to see if she'd be willing to do a review...she was!! and sent me the most adorable teether.

here is a "blurb" on because of hope...

“Because of Hope” was founded with the purpose to give families strength during the trying
times of having a baby in the NICU, just to give a little bit of Peace & and Hope. With having 

3 children all with short stays in the NICU it was my little way of giving back. Each burp cloth 

is handmade by us and blessed!

Because of Hope grew into a business and yours truly is loving every minute of it. We offer 

burp cloths, blankets, bibs, paci clips, onesies, and teething rings! Teething Rings are the 

hottest item for moms dealing with the teething babes! These rings are hand rubbed with 

organic bees wax from the US not imported. They are finished with a fabric tie and backed 

with organic terry cloth. get the fabric wet and put in the freezer. Let your baby chew and get 

some relief on their teething gums.

i think the one i got has the most adorable fabric. with an extra adorable fabric for when the other one gets all nasty. ;) now, fletcher is a bit off from teething. but i can see lots of fun to be had with this adorable teether. 

in addition to the teether tara was generous enough to send me a set of burp cloths. ((seriously, how awesome!!))
i love all the fun fabrics!! i haven't been too much in to the mustache crazy...but i "mustache" say...i love that fabric the most.

and i can just picture giving a new momma sweet set of the teether and burp cloth.
i love the burp cloths because they're adorable. but they truly are absorbent. and because they're a decent size, they fit over my shoulder nice for burping and catching the inevitable spit. fletcher isn't big on words, but if he could talk...i'm sure he'd talk about how soft they are when they wipe his chubby cheeks and face, too! 

when i asked tara if i could review her cute teether she ALSO agreed to a giveaway!!
SO you have a chance to win...
and adorable teether
a set of adorable burp cloths!!

how amazing is that?!?! tara is offering up not one...but two different prizes. :) 

9 loving words from you.:

Julia said...

Oh those are SO cute! Love all the colorful fabrics.
I have a six month old you would love to chew on a teether!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE this, especially the reason for the business, as a two time former NICU momma. I also love the name, because of our baby HOPE. Thanks for an awesome giveaway - I can't wait to find out what this littlest one is going to be so I can buy a few goodies for him/her. :)

Ekta said...

Adorable. I absolutely love the fabric.

Beth said...

I love everything Tara makes!

Amber Russell said...

Oh my goodness!!!! These are so stinking cute!!!

Ashlee Bradford said...

These are super cute! Where did you have your baby...that way I know what gift shop to stalk...

Amy Kolbe said...

I love these! I love that the burp rags look super cute yet are VERY functional

Emily Schwobe said...

I don't have kids, but I know a little guy who could use these very soon! =)

Angelwingsbaby said...

So hope I win with the twins on the way!! So stinking cute!!