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Monday, April 14, 2014

merino kids review

I was contacted awhile back about doing a review on a baby product. I was so excited to have this opportunity!! I picked a merino kids sleep sack in banbury.

The sleep sack is made with merino wool…which means it’s warmer. And in Wisconsin…we need warmer.  It’s also made for ages 0-2, so instead of buying a sleep sack for every age, you can buy one and use it pretty much forever!

The sleep sack also zips around the edges/side not up through the middle. I thought this was a fantastic feature it leaves NO room for accidentally getting scratched with the zipper. The one side of the shoulder strap buttons which means the entire half of the sack opens up. It makes it nice and easy to get on and off!!

The sack also has a “hole” in the bottom part of it, so you can use it “in” something. It is thin enough you could use it in a car seat…or in a bouncy seat or swing or whatever.  I thought this was another great feature.

The ONE thing I could suggest is a way to make the excess smaller on it. When you have an itty bitty baby in there the length of the sack remains the same, so if there was a way to adjust the “drape” of it, I think it’d be nice. I must add this was totally Shaun’s idea!! I thought the “drape” was bothersome, but didn’t have an idea of how to fix it. lol.

Fletcher is on the taller side of the spectrum, so I’m not sure if the sleep sack will last until he is two, or if I’d even use one that long. BUT I do like that all I need is the ONE sleep sack and don’t have to worry about having multiple sizes. It’s nice to not have to have any blankets in bed with him! Makes me feel safer knowing he can’t pull a blanket over his head or something. J

Overall, I LOVE this sleep sack. You can find it here.                     .

I was provided this sleep sack for a review…all opinions are my own! 

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