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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

perrigo nutritionals giveaway

are you a brand snob? i know i have been in the past. but as we added more kids to our family, i knew i could not afford to be a "snob" on all things!!

when perrigo nutritionals offered to send me a fantastic gift pack filled with store brand items i was excited! i knew i could feed the kids great things with store brands. :) also included was a store brand formula. right now i haven't needed to feed fletcher any formula, but if that need arises i know and can feel safe in giving him a store brand. here is some information about perrigo::

About Perrigo Nutritionals 
• Many moms are not aware that they can save up to 50 percent on infant formula by choosing a store brand over a national brand 
• Store Brand Formula is nutritionally comparable to the national brands, yet are typically up to half the price, and can save you about $600 a year
• Perrigo Nutritionals is the largest supplier of Store Brand Infant Formula and nutrition products in the world and one of only four companies recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for meeting the strict FDA requirements for safety, nutrition and quality for infant formula-manufacturing in the United States
• Same standards and expertise used to develop infant formula applied to toddler foods 
• Toddler foods are appropriately developed for variety of stages of growth and motor skills with quality, nutritional ingredients to create foundation of good nutrition

also included in my pack was a great book by crystal paine. it was all about getting out of survival mode! here are some of her great tips offered::

Crystal Paine’s 5 Money Saving Tips for Families 
Create a Budget
A budget gives you parameters and purpose, it gives you boundaries, and it gives you freedom to live creatively within those boundaries.

Shop With Cash
When you shop with a credit card (or even a debit card, for that matter!) you can have your budget in your head and you can do the best to stick with it when you check out, but it’s so much easier to go just a little bit over here and there when you’re swiping! 
Plan a Menu
When you have a plan in place for what you’re supposed to be eating each meal and you’ve already purchased the ingredients for those recipes, it’s a lot harder to justify chucking the plan for takeout.

Use Coupons
Coupons are a great way to save a lot of money on your grocery bill, but they can be hard to keep up with. Clipping, sorting, and organizing coupons takes time — so enter a coupon database! You’ll have access to printable and other coupons currently available and it’s one of the most effective and efficient ways to save money on groceries. 
Buy Store Brands
One way to save a great deal of money on your grocery budget is to learn to like and use a variety of brands. The sooner you can get over being a brand-snob, the more your pocketbook will thank you.
For example, while I breast fed my children, moms who choose to formula feed can save up to 50 percent by switching to store brand formula, which meets the same FDA quality standards as expensive name brands. There are also coupons available at a website - StoreBrandFormula.com (www.storebrandformula.com). This one simple change can save moms about $600 a year.

perrigo nutritionals has offered up a gift pack for YOU to. filled with great store brand infant and toddler goodies...and a copy of crystal's book!! 

simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite store brand item.

giveaway ends: APRIL 28th.

“The Perrigo Nutritionals product, information and two gift packs have been provided by Perrigo Nutritionals.” 

5 loving words from you.:

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I buy a lot of store brand items--like you, I have 6 kids and need to save money on groceries where I can! We always buy store brand milk, eggs, bread, etc, and often buy the store brand of many other things as well. Aldi has a great store brand with many products that we really like! And their off-brand dish tablets work great!

MamaStace said...

My favorite store brand item which I only tried recently, is baby formula. I tried the Parent's Choice which was about $10 less, and comparing the labels it had the same nutritional values. I also like buying staple items store brand - pasta, sugar, rice, etc.


Betsy said...

I buy the store brand puffs for my daughter
bwebber2779 at andersonuniversity dot edu

Rebecca Parsons said...

I buy Parent's Choice formula. I think it is great.

Amy Kolbe said...

I use target up and up stuff and have always loved it!