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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just words...

well i posted the long awaited, i'm sure, ultrasound pictures earlier. and of course pictures of the girls. it all went really well yesterday at the mall. i was so proud of them. and now i just may be more brave and go to the mall by myself some other time too. maybe i said. we did the pictures then went and got a snack of sugar pretzels. yummy. then we headed to target for a bit, found some headbands for amelya, three for a dollar!! and she'll wear them. yay! then i let them play for about 15 minutes in the playland. and of course a trip to the mall is NOT complete without a trip to orange julius. i got the new strawberry lemonade one. was pretty good. i LOVE orange julius. and would you believe i didn't even know about the place til i visited my friend out in washington years ago. i was so excited when i got back home and our mall had one too!! yay!! we spent the day by that friend's house today actually. we had a really nice time. and breigh and caitlyn took really good naps there too. then we went to the local ice cream shop for a snack. fit all four kids in the van and off we went. ice cream was good. and so were the kids. i had the new flavor, which is yet to be named. they're having a contest. so i put my name in. if i win i get a free quart of ice cream a week for an entire year! how cool is that?!?! i LOVE ice cream, and who could pass up the chance to get free ice cream. not me that's for sure. my belly has been really stretching lately. i feel like it's getting huger by the second. is huger a word? i dunno. and frankly that is how i feel i am getting. but truthfully i LOVE it. i do. i love walking around a pretty pregnant lady. :P i'm wearing one of my favorite (new) shirts today. it's by cotton glam maternity. i bought it at bellybeans for only like 32 bucks. pretty reasonable. it's so comfortable. so now i've been emailing the owner to see if she can get more of the shirts in . because you can't find the one i want online. how dare they do that. it is SO comfortable. so i'd like more of the same style shirt in different colors. i know i don't NEED them. but i so want them. i know i have an obsession with maternity clothes. i never buy this much clothes when i'm not pregnant. but there is something about the fun cute maternity clothes they have out. i'm in love with the japanese weekend line too for maternity. i really like their line because they have a lot of maternity shirts, that you can wear after and nurse with them. so stylish and totally worth the splurge. most of them cost me like eighty bucks. but i figure i get to wear them while pregnant and while nursing. and i wear them a lot. plus if you wear it eight times that's only ten bucks a time. and i definitely wear them more then eight times. i know i have to justify everything. i spoil myself. then when the babies come i spoil them. bellybeans has great matching outfits for the girls too. that's wear i got their sweaters from for the pictures yesterday. i think i already told you that though. sorry. but i suppose. i should go. okay. okay. i am sure there was more i wanted to write about, but there is this brownie desert thing that has been calling my name since like yesterday...yesterday i picked through the girls' parade candy. :) joys of children. til next time eat all the candy and brownies you want...okay maybe not all, but indulge. :) amanda

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