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Friday, June 20, 2008


friday. this week has flown on by so fast. we had a busy day today. i dropped my phone yesterday and broke it. so today i went to sprint. i qualified for the 'new' person discount because i've had my current phone for long enough. SOOOO i got a new phone. a lime green one, with a slide out keyboard. so when i text the few people i do text it will take me not as long. so now SOMEONE TEXT ME! lol. i really have one main person i text, but oh well. i did change our plan though to unlimited texting for both of us. it was only a little bit more extra a month and figured it made sense to do it, because when i'm away from shaun i'll usually text him good night or something. so it'll be nice not to have the extra charge when i text him. the girls were good too while doing that. when we got back to town we stopped at the park and played and then walked up by the water fountain at the bank. they like to look at it, plus the park we went to was right around the block. i did super awesome rummaging yesterday morning and yesterday. got loads of stuff for very cheap. i was even blessed to find a double stroller. now we already have an umbrella one, but i wanted a new front to back one. a new one you ask? why yes, because the one i spent almost 200 dollars on before breigh was born got moldy in our garage. i was NOT happy. so i survived with out one, and have been looking hard for one lately again. and lo and behold i found one. and not only that it's the exact pattern our car seat is! how awesome is god? very. let me tell you. so now i have a new to me double stroller and it matches our carseat. our other one was the safety first version and kind of matched the car seat, but now i got the eddie bauer one and it's the same pattern as our eddie bauer car seat. so excited. and to be more 'weird' about it, it matches our single stroller too! lol. hmm what else? oh we went to shaun's cousin's baseball game last night. i love watching little kids play. his team lost, but played pretty well. then while we were there shaun's sister called and said she was playing volleyball at the place up the road from us. so after baseball we watched 'auntie kimmy' play volleyball. the girls enjoyed playing in the sand when they were between games. so we didn't get home til late, which means the girlies slept good this morning. caitlyn was the first one up at 730, shortly followed by breigh and amelya slept til 830ish. the girls played outside a little this morning too. amelya and breigh made me 'decorations' with chalk on our deck. rain washes it away, i'm not too concerned. plus they were so proud of their work. now this story might have been a little different had it been permanent marker on my walls. lol. tonight is scrapbooking night! whooo hooo!! i'm excited to go scrap and gab for awhile. shaun has to work this weekend. and tomorrow is his cousin's wedding reception. i think we're going. i think the girls are invited. i don't really know. they weren't on the invite, but i know it's just a little thing at her parent's house. so i'm not sure. but other people usually bring their kids too. so we'll bring the girls along i'm sure. i doubt we'll stay for a super long time anyways. long enough hopefully for grandma hoerth cake. gma hoerth cake is the bestest ever!! my suntan is peeling. i hate the scalp peel the most. looks like i'm walking around with some sort of disease of the head or something. i wanna wear a sign and just tell others yes i'm peeling. or even YES they ARE ALL mine. i had like four people ask me that today. okay i think you can tell the girls are all sisters and they look like. oh i don't know. then it's the typical how do you do it? well i do it. i just do. i can't put one back in for a little while longer. i don't know if people just blurt it out or what. everyone usually asks me that too. i'm just the pyscho lady who can't just sit in her house so i take all my kids out to eat at culver's, then go to the sprint store by MYSELF. ohhh. people act like i can't do that or something. they are just children, not monkeys who need to be caged or something. although a cage might be a good idea some days i guess. lol. i'm not saying i have it easy. but it isn't hard either. somedays are crazy exhausting and others are a breeze. now i so couldn't imagine being 40 and doing it! that seems to be the trend now a days. i'd rather be 45 and a grandma then 45 and a mom to a first grader. my mom is only 44 and i know she LOVES being a young grandma. and my dad too. well he's a grandpa not a grandma of course. shaun's mom is only 55 too. so they are all young enough to be wild and crazy with the girls. and of course watch them with out me wondering if it is TOO much for them. well i suppose the girls are playing dress up and need help 'strapping'. lol too funny. have a strapping fun night. :)

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