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Monday, June 23, 2008

now it's spiders. oh boy.

well amelya woke up at three this morning deathly afraid of the spider in her bed. i went in her room with her and took of the sheets and showed her no spiders. she said they must have went outside. and that she didn't like them. i told her spiders eat bugs and that's why god made them. then she laid back in her bed...for about ten minutes. then she was up and yelling mommy. so i got as far as our doorway when amelya jumped into my arms because she was scared again. she asked to sleep in our bed. so we let her. she slept fine in our bed. but now i am just thinking about the last time when snakes were in her bed, it took us a month or even longer, before she'd sleep in her bed. she wasn't in ours, she was on the floor in her room. but lord willing she'll sleep in her bed tonight. poor kid. i feel bad when she is so scared.
this weekend went well. friday night i had scrapbooking. i got a few pages done, which in scrapbook talk is pretty good. :O) it was just me and chantae. so it was nice to talk and scrapbook with her. shaun had a fun night with the girls too. i didn't get to bed til about midnight and was nervous that i was going to have a short night's sleep. but the girls all slept after eight. amelya!! was the first one up. that NEVER happens. so i was so super happy to have a good night's sleep.
saturday brought a day for shaun to work. what did i do? nothing really. which was nice. i picked up the kitchen and gave the girls a bath. then we played outside for awhile. it was nice to just sit and play outside. the girls love to be outside and saturday was a beautiful day for that. shaun's sister came out to burn junk so she played a little bit too. shaun was home by one. so a pretty decent time for a weekend day of work. he cut the lawn/hay field? when he got home. it was SO SO long. i wish i could cut it, but i can't do that when i have the girls too. maybe in a few years when they can play in the back part of the yard i can cut the front then we can switch places. then the lawn may get cut more. it is pretty bad. our neighbor's dad comes to cut theirs. i debated asking him to come cut ours too. lol. at least it get done more. good thing we live in the country, otherwise our neighbors would hate our lawn. i'm not too much of a stickler for that kind of stuff i guess. not that you already couldn't tell by the weeds in the flowerbeds, or what are suppposed to be flowerbeds. i just don't have the time it takes to take care of them. maybe when the girls are older. amelya likes flowers, so maybe even next year. lol. because the girls will be a lot older then and it'll make a huge difference, not to mention i'll have a six/seven month old baby too.
saturday night was the wedding reception. if you want to call it that. i mean there was food and a cake, and a dj, but it didn't feel much like a wedding reception. they've been married a year already and have two kids already. to me it felt a little awkward. oh i don't know. i guess to me what was the point of it. i'm also not so sure if it was as important to them, as it might have been to their parents. oh well. we had an okay time. it was outside and i did not pack accordingly. you'd think after three children i'd learn. but i don't. the girls were really well behaved. even if they weren't 'supposed' to be there. i heard from someone that apparently second cousins weren't invited. well it would have been nice to have that clarified to every one who has kids that are second cousins. i figured, hey it's a casual outside reception thing at the parent's house no biggie. and i knew they were having a meal catered in and you pay for the food regardless of number of people. if it would have been somewhere i knew they paid per plate we wouldn't have brought the girls. oh well. i can't dwell on it, but i would have like to have known they weren't invited. truthfully we probably wouldn't have gone then ourselves. all of shaun's family was invited and my family was busy. that doesn't leave us much room for a babysitter. so we just wouldn't have gone.
the next wedding is in august. which i'm pretty sure we won't be bringing the girls to. only because i am pretty sure they won't be invited. this wedding is the whole ceremony fancy reception after deal. i guess i just find it weird to not invite all the kids. because that's what we did for our wedding. anyone who had kids the kids were invited. i wanted everyone to be there. and i had a few people tell me they came only because the kids were invited. see...pays to invite the children, because then you get to spend time with people who might not have come otherwise. maybe it's just me i guess. but whatever. i like weddings. although i don't like how drunk everyone gets. i'm glad we left the reception when we did. before things got out of hand i'm sure. we don't drink, and really i see no point in it. none. we've never drank either so i guess others may think we're 'different' but that's okay. i like to be different.
so sunday. shaun got done with work in time to come to church so i was excited about that. although we got a later start then normal to head to church. good thing i didn't have overheads this week. amelya has started to come down for worship. she does such a great job, and yesterday was even raising her hands in praises to god. i get tears in my eyes yet thinking about it. i love to see my baby girl worshipping jesus. if it's only one thing i teach my children i want it to be to love jesus with their entire being. everything else will just fall into place after that. how cool.
originally our plans were to go out to eat for breigh's birthday with shaun's family then open gifts at his mom's house. well instead we fried out at his sisters and stayed there. it was a really nice time and breigh and amelya loved playing in the swimming pool she has. it's only a little tiny one. but a pool. plus breigh has been talking about going to the waterpark since leaving the waterpark last weekend. my camera did something stupid while taking pictures yesterday too. i got a cd of the pictures made at walmart. ptl. then i decided today i was going to go to best buy and they were going to give me a new one. i'll tell you about that later.
today was mom's group. it was good. it was the 'normal' three mommies there. we're talking about marriage this month, and staying in it for the long haul. i think everyone comes to the point sometimes about just wanting to 'quit'. but we can't we must persevere because our marriages are SO worth it. giving in to those crazy feelings are exactalloy what the enemy wants. we CAN NOT let him have any more marriages. somewhere they want to make it so in seven years you can 'opt out' of your marriage??!!?? what??!!?? no. that is NOT what marriage is. you're in it for the LOOOONGGG haul. somedays may feel longer then others, tough. god will see you through it. if you're willing to let him.
after mom's group it was off to appleton. i stopped at the 'darboy family resturant' for lunch with the girls. then while we were eating some lady came up to me. this is our conversation:
lady: excuse me.
me: (well i just looked at her)
lady: you have the most well behaved children.
me: thank you.
lady: and they are so cute too.
me: thank you.
then she walked away. i have to admit i almost started to cry. (must be pregnancy emotions) but that was the NICEST thing i have ever heard from a stranger in a long time. i usually get wow they're all yours, and you're having another. i was so blessed by that. and i give god all the glory. it's because of him my girls are so well behaved and because of him i've been so blessed. we have strangers tell us all the time how 'cute' the girls are. it's kind of embarassing actually. once when we were leaving sam's club a lady from the customer service desk stopped shaun just to say that she saw us when we walked in and had to tell us how adorable our children were. i never have done that anyone, even if i think their kids are adorable. i dunno. i mean i'm their mommy of course I think they are adorable. praise god i guess is all i can continue to do.
so best buy. yep, i got a new camera. basically i purposed it in my mind before i went that i was getting a new one. i had the 'insurance' or whatever on it. so i wanted a new one. i have had issues with my camera since i got it in september. so long story short. i got a new one. which wasn't in. and will be in on friday. better be. we're going to the zoo with friends of ours and i can't not have my camera. i'm so glad i 'stuck to my guns' and wouldn't let them mess with me. i usually let people tell me what to do. not this time. whoo whoo. praise the lord for boldness.
after best buy (which we were there for AN HOUR) was the chiropractor. it felt SO good to be adjusted. my sister's birthday is today so she showed us the pretty flowers she got. she got 23 roses from the dr. for her golden birthday. pretty cool boss. although not as cool as mine. lol. i really do like the new dr. she's so nice and helpful. and just a fun girlfriend type of person. that makes it nice.
then we went to bellybeans. they're having a 'everything on sale' sale. so the girls picked out the stuffed blanket/animal thing for the baby. they picked out a duck. so amelya has a bunny, breigh has a giraffe and caitlyn has a bear, and baby d gets a duck. perfect. i also got a few other things. but didn't spend as much as i could have. i LOVE that store. LOVE IT!
then we went to kohl's. to pick out auntie amy's birthday present. amelya has fun doing that. i had the double stroller so breigh and caitlyn went in there and amelya walked with me. the girls were so good. i was SO happy.
finally we got home, at like ten to seven. LOOOOOOONNNNNNG day. we ate supper, good thing there was left overs from yesterday! and then went outside to play. then the girls are in bed and i sat down to finish this. i started it way long time ago this morning. which almost feels like a different day already.
i hope you have enjoyed reading my new 'version' of blogging today. paragraphs. don't get too excited. correct punctuation, capital letters, and grammar are probably not coming next. but i think this will be a bit easier to read for you. :) so enjoy. and it really isn't as bad as i thought hitting that enter but a few more times. lol. so enjoy your night. i know i will. :)

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Ashley said...

Okay, so I totally didn't know either that apparently the second cousins weren't invited. Like you said, would have been nice to know... we probably wouldn't have made the trip home then in the first place. Like with your wedding, I plan on inviting everyone (when the day comes that Jay and I get married) because otherwise whats the point?! Hope you have a super Tuesday!!!