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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

whoa baby.

that's how i feel i am starting to look. but in a good way. i like to look pregnant. it just seems that one night i went to bed not so pregnant and the next morning i woke up pregnant. the baby had the hiccups a lot this morning. i LOVE feeling the little jolts of hiccups. the girls got them all the time too. but i don't remember this early feeling them. this baby is up every morning around six thirty. i look forward to it every morning. when i feel it moving around i don't even have to look at the clock to know that it is around six thirty. it is so much fun feeling the baby move. i can't wait until i can feel it with my hand too. i instantly put my hands on my belly when the baby starts moving to see if i can feel it. not yet. soon though i am sure. when i was pregnant with breigh she kicked so hard it freaked shaun out. he had his hand on my tummy and then WHAM! he totally was freaked and didn't touch my belly too much anymore. i have to be honest the kick hurt me too...it was a hard kick...fitting for my little breigh now too. not that she kicks, but she is definitely the more aggressive one of the group.
breigh and caitlyn are napping. amelya is coloring. i'm sitting here instead of doing anything else but sitting here. i have no ambition today. i should. the kitchen needs tidying and the living room needs finishing. i started it this morning. then i decided to read books with the girls and then we played outside. sometimes you just have to let the other stuff wait. which i have to admit, i'm pretty good at it. lol.
i'm itching to get that playroom finished. i am SICK of the toys all over the house. i want at least a room to confine them in a little bit. ahhh! maybe tonight after the girls go to bed i can work on it. shaun's mom and sisters offered to help, but i just want them to call up and see if they should come over. i don't like calling them. or anyone. i'm bad at calling people. i'm even worse at asking for help. i'm the 'i can do it all' type i guess. even if i don't feel like i can, i just do it. because that's what moms do. right. moms should ask for help. especially when people have offered!! and it's been more then just them. i just want the room finished. now i'm whining. sorry.
we're going to my sisters house later to eat birthday cake. yummy. i like that at our ages. i'm 25 she's 23, our mommy still makes us a birthday cake. spoiled? a little i guess. i should get going though. i'll trek out to get the mail and amelya's barbie out of the van, then i suppose i should shower. have a clean day.

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