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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

giggles in the morning.

right now amelya and breigh are eating breakfast and giggling together. i LOVE the sounds of giggles. especially when they're giggling together. they are starting to even have conversations together, without ME!! i still get caitlyn for a little while i suppose. then all three will be off together. then i'll get this baby. and soon they'll be too big for mommy too. not that any of my children are too big for me yet, somedays it feels that way. whoa...of the sad train!
yesterday my sister's birthday cake was good. amelya and breigh and caitlyn...well me too...all loved it. and auntie amy loved the patriotic looking welcome sign amelya picked out for her. amelya loves picking out gifts for people. i love watching her. she truly thinks about what she should get the other person and purposes it in her heart to find it. i have to direct her a little, but usually not too much. at christmas she wanted to get grandma an angel. we were looking at fleet farm (because i love their selection at christmas time) and amelya found the perfect angel...and the LAST one. we were so thankful and thanked jesus lots for helping us find that angel. what's nice about the angel is that it sits out all year round at my mom's house. it was just an angel looking angel not a christmas looking angel. if that makes sense.
at my sisters house yesterday we looked up the new lia sophia catalog. it looks great. now i'm excited to see the book, and the new jewelry of course. i have a few shows scheduled already for august, so i'm excited. if you want to see it you'll have to check it out at www.liasophia.com/apopp i earned over 200 bucks in gift certificates a few months back, so i'm excited to have to spend much of my own money to get stuff. that's a bonus for SURE.
we only stayed a short while at my sisters. my mom is on third shift this week, so she had to get home and try to sleep a few hours before work. she doesn't like third shift very much. she finds it hard to sleep in the morning after getting home. i think it would be hard on third shift too. good thing she doesn't have kids at home to try and get out of the house, or quiet while she tries to sleep.
today we're going to gage's house. the girls like gage and playing with him. and breigh is getting to be more gentle with him. i think because he is littler then her, by seven months, she feels some sort of authority over him. she has been getting better. praise the lord. i do pray for that. i feel bad when my kids hurt someone elses. i know it isn't my doing, but i still feel bad. and i make sure i yell at them when they do it. they don't just 'get away' with it because we are somewhere else. i am not afraid to yell at or discipline my children in public.
now i won't spank them in public. and really have been trying to validate spanking for 'serious offenses'. but i'm not afraid to spank them either. i got spanked. i survived. i don't hate my parents. i want my children to know that i mean what i say and that i do what i say i am going to do. i see way to many people saying...don't do that or_____. then they don't even do the or. well then don't say it. your children will learn that you aren't going to do it and they can just do what they want. it is frustrating for me to see though. but i cannot parent someone elses kids. and i try to put myself in the parents place. but i still don't understand why they don't do what they say they are going to do.
i'm not saying my kids are perfect and listen to everything i say either. because they don't. but they do know that by not doing what i say there are consequences. whether it be 'taking a break' (time out in our house) or a tap on the hand, or mouth, or a full out spanking. i always make sure i do it 'in love'. because i want them to know that i do it because i love them and try to explain to them why i did what i did and why it made me sad that they did what they did. i let them know how it makes me feel. and that i guess it is okay to feel sad with someone. amelya knows what happy and sad are, so i tell her when she makes me sad, but even so, i make sure i tell her when what she is doing makes me happy.
being a mommy is hard work. but the bestest work i've ever done. there is no way i'd want to go drive somewhere to get paid everyday for someother kind of job. some days i think what it would be like. then i remember working at the daycare and parents who cried dropping their kids off, who called every day to check in on them, who came on their lunch breaks to visit. i don't want that. i want to stay home and be with them. i enjoy getting out with out them, not to 'get away from them' but to get away with me. i still need to keep the me that's inside me too. i also remember from the daycare the parents who threw a fit when they had to come get their sick child. i don't get that. when you're sick you want your mommy, not some lady who also has to watch the rest of the babies in the room. it baffled me then, it baffles me now. i know that people have jobs and it isn't easy to leave the job all the time, but why throw such a stink? oh i don't know.
wow i really thought this was going to be a 'quick' post, turned out longer than i thought. me and my tangents. have a tangent filled day.

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