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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

two in one day...

well i have nothing else 'better' to do. so i thought i'd plop myself in front of the computer screen. i should be painting the playroom. but i don't feel like starting that now. it's almost ten. shaun is asleep on the couch. he put in way too many hours today. he went in by five and didn't get done until after 630. and he has to go in early again tomorrow. i love how dedicated he is to his family and working so hard for us. i love being able to stay home. and he provides me that opportunity. well i guess god provides for us ulitmately. but shaun has been given the drive to do so.
today was a fun day. we went by gage's house. the girls and him played really well together. it's the first time i can remember them all just playing together and not just playing next to each other. guess they're growing up. not saying there wasn't the typical screaming, but they were very good nonetheless. chantae and i played around on the uppercase living website too. we had fun writing out our kids' names and seeing what looked best. i'm thinking about getting their names for the walls in the playroom. but doing it like 'princess amelya' etc then finding the scripture about god being our king/father to put up too. i thought that would fit. and they won't ever 'grow out' of god. so it would be cool to put it up in the playroom. i have loads of other stuff i want to get from the book too. ahhh!! i just am to in love with it.
we went to my mom's hous after. i walked with amelya and breigh to the new community park that was just built. it was pretty nice. the only thing i don't like are the wood chips. apparently the park is a safety accredited one...but i don't understand the wood chips. amelya fell and scraped up her knees before we left. that isn't safe is it? overall the girls really liked the park. now we just have to wait until 2010 when they finish building the rest of it. there are plans for a splash pad for summer turned ice skating rink in winter and new basketball hoops. it should be really nice. although i have to say it is weird going to a park where my high school once stood. they built a new one a few years back and then demolished the old one. it's so crazy to me to think i spent four years of my life walking to school there every day. i almost miss those days. ALMOST. sometimes it'd be nice to go back for an hour or two and remember how nice it is to be 'grown up' now.
high school wasn't all that bad for me. but i'm glad to be where i am today. i was on the tennis team all four years. i enjoyed that a lot. i actually miss tennis. i bought the girls tennis rackets this year. it'd be nice to get them in some sort of lessons some day. i took lessons in middle school to high school. but doesn't matter. i was in the play one year too. it was called 'help! i'm trapped in a high school' and yes it was as lame as it sounds. my name in the play was isabella broken. my response to the roll call...'not yet'. oh man. i was on the forensics team too. that was fun. i enjoyed my play acting years of it the most. i did poetry the first two...not as much fun. hmmm what else did i do. oh i volunteered in the special education room (CD) i LOVED that and miss working with special needs people. i know that god knows my heart though, and someday he'll place me with them again. i was on homecoming court my senior year. i was really surprised to be voted on it actually. i felt kind of out of place too with everyone. i remember not even knowing the song we were going to be walking in to at the dance. the girl looked at me weird when i said i didn't know it. i was into christian music and had not a clue as to what else was really playing then. it was fun though i guess. i asked a boy who wrote me a beautiful poem in my yearbook that year too. he actually asked me if i needed someone to be on court with he'd do it. well not exactally like that, but pretty much. so i asked him. i was dating shaun and really had no 'boy' friends to ask. i stuck to myself a lot or my girl friends.
shaun got me some pretty flowers too and so did his mom at the dance. that was nice. after the dance shaun took me and two of my friends out to eat. i didn't want to hang out with the rest of the court. so i didn't. i didn't fit in with them and didn't want to go. i was talked in to going to our senior banquet and senior class party. i don't regret going, but didn't have a super wonderful time either. they were all in to getting drunk. big deal. actually last summer was my 'six' year class reunion, my class was so organized!! and it was NO different then high school, except what they were all doing was legal. me and chantae made shaun and nathan go with us. we paid like 20 bucks to get hamburgers and potato chips. and of course free beer...which we don't drink!! they didn't even have soda free!! ahh. we left almost immediately after supper and went mini-golfing...that was fun. some guy who i've seen a handful of times since high school was so wasted when we arrived he hugged me and said to drink a beer. i kind of said...umm i'm pregnant anyway. and he said, that's okay we're all friends here. WHAT!?! boys. well i should say drunk boys. it was a waste of time really. and all of the cliques that were in high school were all the same that day too. a girl in the bathroom was proud to be dressed slutty. her words not mine. we were happy to leave. will there be another reunion? i don't know. will i go? i'll pray about it.
mini-golfing sounds like fun. i think the girls are too little yet. well breigh and caitlyn probably are. we should go though. someday...we're going to the NEW Zoo on sunday. i'm super excited. i know i've already told you that though. but i like to repeat myself. i'm excited to go to the zoo and to use my new camera. that better be in on friday. i'm getting my haircut tomorrow. nothing major...i don't think. i love to get my haircut though. i think i just like people playing with it...and pampering me a little too. my mom is going to watch the girls, so that will be really nice.
i gave the girls a bath today. it's a lot of work to give three little ones a bath at the same time. but they do a really good job and like the bath. i figured i should try and do it before shaun got home from work, that way he could play with them instead of bathing them all night. it worked out good. the girls get so excited when he gets home from work. caitlyn practically jumped out of the swing the other day when he got home and walked back by us. i LOVE seeing the girls so excited to see that 'daddy's home?!?' breigh asks me every morning...daddy work? i almost feel bad to tell her yes. but if wasn't working we'd be living in the cardboard box out on the road. lol. so anyways. i've babbled a long time and my contacts are drying out...time to go wake the hubby up off the couch and go to sleepytime land....have a good sleepytime yourself. :)amanda

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