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Friday, June 27, 2008

humid and sticky.

gotta love wisconsin weather. it has been sticky the past few days. but a cool front will be coming in this weekend, so that means it doesn't pay to put in the window ac. our summer hasn't been too hot here yet. i remember when breigh was born it was so so hot when we got home with her. i am just hoping for good weather on sunday when we go to the zoo. it looks like chances of rain in the afternoon. but there was a 'chance' for rain last night too...and no rain. so we'll see. i'm looking forward to the zoo, but whatever happens.
we went to an amish fryout last night. it was a fundraiser for their school. talk about good food!! yummy. they had strawberry shortcake...so good...homemade ice cream, that they were making right outside...so good...with so good pie. not to mention the brats and hamburgers they were also making. the ice cream was my favorite i think.well and the bread i ate the burgers on. i am usually against using anything but a bun for my burger, but the bread was SO good. and SO fresh. the only bad thing about it were the mosquitos. they have been AWFUL this year. breigh is all bit up. so am i. and caitlyn got a few as did amelya, and i'm sure shaun. despite that though it was a blast, and i am going to be sure to watch for it next year. some days i think about being amish, not really being amish, but what it must be like to be amish. everything seems so simple. no fancy dancy clothes, or tv, or lots of crazy stuff. just plain and simple. i saw the movie 'saving sara cain', then read the book, not sure which i like better. and it was a super good movie. highly recommend it. but i guess they have their issues and problems just like the rest of the world. it'd just be nice not to have to think or worry about all the materialistic stuff that creeps in.
i got my haircut yesterday. no picture today though, but i'm getting my camera today!! yay!! i got just a trim, kind of i guess, i got my bangs cut a bit shorter then last time, the 'off to the side bangs' then a little bit shorter cut then i got last time too. but i love it all. makes me feel all 'pretty'. it is important to feel good about yourself. amelya said she liked it too. so that was nice. my mom watched the girls for me and i went with my sister to get my hair cut. originally the appt was for her and her fiance, but he has a job and can't get off of work now. thanks grant!! so now i actually have haircuts scheduled for the next four months. impressive. considering my haircut before this was two months ago and the one before that was hmmm...four or five months or longer before that. i used to get it cut every six weeks, then i had the girls and it made it more difficult. i started going to my aunt again after my friend stayed home with her baby. it's nice to know people personally who cut your hair. plus they do it for a good price. my aunt wanted to charge me only 15 for a haircut and some fancy bottle of hairspray. the hairspray was marked at 15 itself. so i payed her 25. because i KNOW she charges at least 20 for haircuts for her 'regular' clients. SO nice.
i don't really know what else is 'new'. the baby is moving around like crazy now. it gets the hiccups a lot. more then any of my other babies. it's so fun. i know i already mentioned the baby moving more, but it is just more and more everyday. i felt a little kick with my hand this morning. YAY! my favorite. i'm sure it'll keep getting stronger every day.
caitlyn has seemed to grow up within the past few days. someone asked how old she was yesterday and i had to say almost TEN months!! what?!? TEN months. she's moving to the double digits now. no teeth yet. pretty soon i am thinking. she's been chewing and has bumps on the bottom gums. amelya was a late teether and breigh was too i guess. so i am not surprised that she doesn't have any teeth yet. but she eats like she has a mouth full. she loves to eat. chicken is her favorite thing too.
our dresses came in for my sister's wedding. yay! i told amelya if she tells me when she has to go potty and goes on the toliet we can go look at the dress today. well that failed. she just peed in her diaper. i don't know what to do to get her to go on the toliet. she knows when she goes and tells me after she goes, but has no desire to go where she is supposed to. i don't want to spank her for not going on the toliet, that's dumb. and really not teaching her a thing. my mil suggested to 'puch' her butt for not going on the toliet. soooo we tried rewarding her with stickers, nope didn't work. i praise her when she tries to go and let her know i am sad when she doesn't go on the toliet and pees in her diaper. i just don't know what else to do. she'll be three and a half in september. and better be potty trained! she wakes up dry every morning. oh man. i'm half to blame because i have been lazy with it a little before. but i worked at a daycare, i know it's easier to change a diaper then pee all over or worse yet the others! now i'm getting sick of changing three kids in diapers. breigh could probably start going too. she has gone poop on the toliet, but only because she has issues and you know she's going about a day before she goes. okay not a day, but at least few minutes. it's getting frustrating, but i don't know what to do!?! so my blogger friends with kids who go potty on the toliet...HOW DID YOU DO IT!!!!!!???? i NEED to know. i need to save money on diapers. it stinks going into sam's and dropping almost 100 bucks on diapers. things we just throw away. help me stop filling the land fill. :O) thansks. well i need to go. speaking of diapers they need to be changed...

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