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Saturday, June 28, 2008

my growing belly

here is a recent picture of my belly taken last night. just to show you that i AM growing. :) and of course then you can see my new haircut a little bit. i've taken two of my belly so far...but i haven't compared to see if it's grown since last month. although i do think it has.
yesterday was a good day. the girls were great going to best buy to get my camera. even though it started raining right as we got there and all four of us got wet! but my camera was there and it is very nice. i also got a new memory card, but i might get myself in trouble with it. it is a 4GB one and can hold over 1500 pictures! but it was on sale for 25 bucks, the same price as a 2GB one. it made more sense to get the one with double the storage for the same price. i'm a deal finder. and i have to take advantage of it that's for sure. i also got a cord to connect my phone to the computer, but it won't work. so it's either my phone or the cord. i don't know. i tried to look at it yesterday, but couldn't get it and just gave up.
we ordered fish for supper last night. yummy. i was craving fish so it was extra good then i think. we also got a thing of cheese curds too. those were even more yummy. grease i guess is the best. :) when i was pregnant with amelya i craved greasy cheese curds from dairy queen, i didn't want the curds as much as i wanted the grease to squirt out when i ate them. gross!! but it was good.
GREAT NEWS!! amelya went on the toliet this morning...AND she peed. i am so proud of her. she sat on there for probably a half and hour to 45 minutes before she went though. but she did go. i was getting frustrated with her not going, but she did it. i put underwear on her after and told her to tell me when she had to go. well we played outside and then she said, mom i need new pink underwear. i said why. she said because she peed. oh well. but i said next time tell mommy so we can go in the house. so now she's wearing pull-ups...the cool alert kind. so hopefully that helps a little bit, and the mess is eliminated a little bit. we tried the pull ups awhile back, but she didn't 'get it' and i wasn't going to spend that crazy money on them to have her not get it. but now she doesn't want to pee on the princesses and make the hearts go away. so we'll see if it works. and because our dresses are in for the wedding we are going to see if we have time today to go see them. that might be a little bit more ambition for her to go potty on the toliet too. and then i can take pictures of my pretty little girlie.
shaun 'knifed' the corn field today. i think he's glad to have it done. breigh was excited to get a ride in the tractor when he took it back to the other farm. she loves daddy's tractor. i think it also got shaun in his 'tractor driving' for a little bit. he misses it i know. and i know he was excited to get in the tractor and in the field. we played outside quite awhile while shaun did that. the girls have fun outside. i have fun too. especially since the older two are pretty independent and i don't have to watch them an inch away. they can play in the yard and i sit with caitlyn on the blanket. it's nice out today, they say it's supposed to rain. we'll see.
it rained last night and amelya woke up for the first time ever because of the lightning. i went into her room because she was calling me and she had her blanket over her head. it was cute. she wanted to come in our bed, but i told her no, and that she could come in if she got up and daddy wasn't in bed. she handled that pretty good. and wanted her princess light on. so i put that on and went back to bed. an hour or so later she was in our room and said she wanted to come in our bed, i told her no again and to go in her room. she did after a little bit and i went in with her and asked if i should shut her light off. she said, yeah it's kinda bright. lol. she's funny. this morning shaun got a phone call early so then he ended up sleeping on the couch after that and at eight when amelya woke up she was in bed with me. which already had caitlyn in it because she woke up at 550 crying in her sleep. so i cuddled her in bed and she went back to sleep til amelya woke us up at eight. it was super nice to sleep in this morning. in bed this morning amelya said, what the world? shaun says that all the time. it was so funny. i don't remember why she said it,but it was funny anyways. yesterday amelya gave me a flower outside. and said, here mom, this one is for you because you are the bestest girl ever. AWWWW. so cute. i love the words that she says and the sentences she puts together.
well lunch is cooking, a late lunch here today. so i'll go and sit with the rest of the fam...til next time...may you be the bestest girl/boy ever in the eyes of someone.

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