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Monday, June 09, 2008

where have i been??!!??

wow it's been a few days huh? sorry. and i get all crazy when people's blogs i read haven't being changed for a few days....ahhhh....well we've been busy. and that's why i haven't been on here to do this. friday was a busy day. the girls and i spent the day at the mall with my sister, found a new swimsuit! then i was adjusted at the chiro. i've been having awful headaches and i got adjusted so that would help...and it did!! yay! after that we came home. shaun called and said he was heading to our friend's house with the skidster to help spread gravel for their new patio. as he was getting there he thought his brakes were acting up. then i got off the phone with him. a few minutes later my friend calls and invites me and the girls over, and says shaun's brakes were gone. he had to drive up on their lawn in order to stop, either that or hit a car. i think he made a good choice. so off to the local store to get some new brakes. then when they got back they did the gravel first. shaun has changed his brakes before, so it shouldn't have taken long when they were done....welll...something else was wrong too, i'm not sure what, either way the truck stayed in their driveway til saturday after shaun got done working! it was too late to do anything after they realized something else was broke. so saturday morning i went rummaging. i went by myself to a neighborhood sale. did okay there. then i went to one sale in darboy and found a refrig, stove/sink/microwave, and china hutch set for the girls. for only 30 bucks. they all go flat against the wall so they won't take up a lot of space in their new playroom. it is all they have been playing with since saturday when i got it home. i was so excited. then i went on ebay and saw that people are selling these for almost 100 bucks because they are hard to find...yay!! score for me. i found the girls lots of dress up clothes too at the sales. i think some were old halloween costumes, but score for us, my girls get to use them all year, not just one time. man. i started this before seven this morning...then breigh threw up. twice since then. it is now 830. caitlyn was throwing up yesterday, and not eating. now breigh isn't eating and threw up. but since the last time she did, she's been acting more herself and playing. before she was just sitting on the couch. for those of you who aren't blessed enough to know breigh, she DOES NOT just SIT on anything. she's my go go go go GO girl. :) i'm glad she seems to be feeling better, but we're going to forgo mom's group so we don't get our little friends sick. and i cancelled my chiropractor's appt for today too. and i had pictures scheduled for tomorrow, which i am going to reschedule, because i don't want puking kids. well now it is after 430. what happened between then and now. lots. caitlyn decided to get up eat a little and then while eating her bottle puke it up all over both of us. so i called the dr. because they told me yesterday if she was still puking today to call. well i took her in, nothing wrong. of course, but i figured it only cost me my copayment of 15 bucks, well worth the reassurance everything is a-okay. so after a trek to the dr. and to sam's we needed diapers and formula. i'm finally back home. and exhausted. there has been no more puking...praise the lord. but i feel wiped. i wish shaun could have come with me, but it's not a perfect world. amelya is so far feeling fine, and currently wants to play with her finger paint we bought at sam's. a good deal of loads of colors, paper and a smock for only 988. we also ran to walmart to get a few things we didn't need in bulk. and bought shaun's father's day gift. amelya loved picking it all out. she by all means had to get 'perfume' for him. blue perfume. i actually had to call him and see what color perfume he wanted. i tried to explain cologne...but figured it's all the same really. so now i'm tired, amelya wants to paint, and i should try to give caitlyn a drink of clear liquids. til next time may your kids or you not puke. ;) amanda

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