i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

you can...

make pancakes without eggs. :) i have been craving pancakes...well syrup really, but instead of drinking syrup i wanted to make pancakes for lunch. we only had the mix where you add milk and egg to it. soooo because we didn't have eggs, i decided to go ahead and try it without. and it worked. they tasted fine. and the girls all ate them up. so now you know. if you don't have eggs you can still make pancakes. we don't usually have eggs. i will buy a dozen and two will get used then the rest sit in there til the next time you want an egg, and lo and behold...they're expired. so yay. i am very well satisfied with my egg less pancakes and syrup (butter flavored of course). later i'm going with my mom and sister, and the girls, to go get pedicures. i'm excited. i haven't had one in a LONG time, at least a month. lol. but i really truly need it. yesterday we had a good day. we went to my friend's house. after we left we went to scoops, the local ice cream shop. yummy.i got a brownie sundae with tin roof sundae ice cream and caramel. yummy. the girls each got pink ice cream. translation:strawberry. but basically whenever we go there they get what ever pink ice cream they have. after the ice cream shop we came home and breigh took a good nap. shaun worked til after six again. we had mac and cheese for supper. i know don't over exert myself. i've already said it, i am not much of a cook at all. i mean it too. today the girls and i picked up the toys and did some much needed vacuuming. i also swept the kitchen. now i sit here. oh well. i have to shower yet too, but wanted to wait and make sure breigh and caitlyn are asleep for their naps before i do. amelya is watching teletubbies. i'm not too sure how i feel about the show, but really i've never seen anything too disturbing and amelya seems to enjoy it. i love summer and the pbs schedule because barney is on after. they usually play newer shows that she hasn't seen, so i think she likes that as well. yesterday amelya fell asleep on the living room floor. it was funny. she was just laying there, then the next time i checked on her, she had covered herself up with a blanket and just went to sleep. it was around 630ish. she stayed asleep the rest of the night and didn't get up until 815 this morning. i was shocked. shaun felt bad though when we put her to bed because he didn't even get to see her at all. i feel bad when he doesn't get to see them, it's nice to know he does too. well i have known he does, it is nice to hear him say it i guess. i'm really excited. our pastor's wife is praying about starting a women's study at church. i've been praying about it for quite awhile and it's cool to see god starting it. we just need to find someone who will watch the children while the study goes on. so lord willing we can start a study soon. having a small church it's nice to get together on sundays, but i think it'll be nicer to get together a different day of the week too with just 'the girls'. lol. there are mainly all girls that attend our church. let's see the boys are, shaun, pastor mike, nathaniel, richard, joe, matthew and nathan. the girls, me, priscilla, tammy, krystle, kelsey, maggie, julie, doris, danielle, sandy, betty, stacy, brandi, and chantae. then for children's church it's my three girls, melody, michael and gage. but it'd still be nice to have a women's study. i think it'd be nice to have a men's study too. i think shaun would get a lot out of that. and it'd get him to 'open' up more to all the other men at church. it's important for men and women to be discipled to. and to learn and grow from each other. and most important to pray for each other. whatever god has. and i am so excited to see what he does have. i truly feel that the world is showing signs of the 'last days' and i think more then ever it is important for us to stick together. i'm not any sort of expert on the last days, but the bible speaks of the earth's birthing pains and such. if you don't think the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, mudslides etc etc etc aren't earth pains, then i don't want to know what is. i'm excited to know that i WILL not be on this earth for the tribulation that will take place after the rapture. jesus is coming back for those who've given their lives to him. the rest of the earth has to deal with the rest, and the tribulation and the anti-christ. things are going to get BAD. really BAD. and then we'll reign with jesus. now if this all sounds way too far fetched for you, then you haven't read your bible. pick it up and start reading. revelation speaks the most of this crazy time period that is coming all too soon. if you do have questions, i'd like to hear them, then i can get you an answer, because i'd love nothing more then for you, my precious blog reader, to turn to jesus. to fully and completely give your whole heart, mind and soul to him. for john 3:3 says you must be born again. and jesus says HE is the only way to heaven. so if you're not born again of HIS spirit, then how will you get to heaven. the answer, harsh as it sounds, is you won't. i'm not saying this because some man made up some rule. but the bible says it clear as day. some churches pick apart the bible and interpret it in their own ways, but you can not add or take away from the scripture. it is what it is. you can try to be a good person all you want, but that isn't going to get you anywhere. in the end, you're still a sinner. just as we all are. i'm a sinner. but i've been saved by the grace of god and the blood of jesus. he died for you, and for me. and wants you to live for him. so give your life to him. turn your life around. my pastor is not ashamed to say he used to be a drunk. but because of jesus, he has turned his life around, and doesn't drink. praise the lord. he is faithful. but i suppose. the girls are both sleeping and i need to get in that shower. have a grace filled day. a

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