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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


remember making those 'roses' way back when? i do. so that's why i did it now. :) i could not think of a creative title...so that's what you get. well i have gotten no more done in the playroom. shaun sanded the walls monday night and last night he crashed on the couch after the girls went to bed. so hopefully tonight we'll feel more ambitious and get some more done in there. i want it done, so it will have to involve us actually doing something right? so we'll see. there is always this weekend i guess. shaun also still has to pick stones. like asap. the crops are growing and you don't want them to be too tall and drive over them. it's been rainy a little though, so the fields are wet now anyways i guess. it is supposed to be chilly today, but 80's for the weekend. yay! of course it is shaun's weekend to work, but he had a nice weather weekend off last week, so that's okay. caitlyn is moving all over now. she does the army crawl. neither of the other two did that. so it is funny to see her do that. amelya crawled at 6 1/2 months, breigh was after 9 and caitlyn was about 8 1/2 months. so i think amelya was 'above' average and the other two are normal. well as normal as any of my kids can be i guess. :O) amelya wrote her name the other night. i was SO proud of her. she didn't write all of the letters in a line, but wrote all of the letters on the page after each other. so you just have to look up and down the paper to 'read' it. she was funny though. i told her to write a little 'a' at the end. and i showed her the little a i had written. well she proceeded to write a little a, but a little capital a. it was so cute. i didn't 'correct' her. i figure an a is an a for now. i just showed her what it should look like. it just blesses me so much to see her doing that. i don't 'push' her or 'try' to teach her anything. we just go with the flow and i try to grab each and every learning possibility i can. it seems to be working well this way for now. today we're going to my friend's house. no library time this week. i'm going to keep this short. for some reason i am very tired today. i don't think it has anything to do with taking care of three girls and being pregnant. there has to be another reason. lol....right...have rosy day. amanda

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