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Monday, June 02, 2008

some pink

okay i got some pink lines done today. loads of work to paint stripes and trying not to get it in the grooves of the paneling. i started getting a headache so i quit. maybe i can work on it tomorrow. i was planning on doing it tonight, but shaun worked 14 hours today so i figure we'll rest on the couch after he gets out of the shower. he had to go in at five on a monday morning. yucky. mom's group was a huge blessing today. i had such a great time. my friend i invited awhile ago came today. i hope she keeps coming. it'll be nice to add to our group of 'regulars'. lol. the girls stayed by my mom today so i could paint a little. it was a nice time for them to spend with grandma and papa for a little while. i know they enjoy it. my parents AND the girls. my mom is on third shift this week, so i pray she can get some sleep. i know she struggles with that on third. she just looks forward to next week when she is on second and can sleep more. i'm looking forward to next week too. my ultrasound!! i still can't believe i am almost half way through this pregnancy. it is crazy. we're going to do something fun for breigh's birthday next week too. just haven't decided on what yet. for sure the father's day parade on sunday. that is about all we have set though. and after we'll go to shaun's grandparent's house for a little while and then to my mom and dad's then we'll celebrate breigh's birthday there with them. it'll be fun. then i have to think of a time to do a party with shaun's mom and sisters. well shaun is out of the shower. so i'm gonna go spend some time with my hubby, while he's awake. :) amanda

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