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Sunday, June 01, 2008

what a weekend.

yay!! we've accomplished SO much. yet there is SO much to do. on friday shaun's sisters came over and we got the messy room to be CLEAN. everything is in boxes and organized from it. i bought some totes today to transfer some things into that. so my guess was on saturday we could paint and put the carpet in and today we could put the toys in....well those things changed. we decided to tear out two walls and put up completely new drywall up for them. it needed it shaun said, underneath by the windows mold had started to grow. so it was a good thing. we left up the two paneled walls. those walls are fine, and i wanted to stripe them and the lines in the paneling make it perfect for that. amelya picked the colors out. blue, green, purple and pink. we got the blue from danielle that she had left from painting her living room. so we picked up the green, purple and pink to coordinate that. the one wall will then be blue, and the other wall will be green. to kind of make it a little bit less 'girly'. we also bought some cute appliques to put up on the walls when we're done. they're bugs, but girly looking bugs. amelya actually picked them out. and breigh i guess. so today we got all the drywall up and the paneling walls are all primed with two coats. the mudding is almost done. lord willing shaun can do that tomorrow night after work. i also am hoping to start 'striping' tomorrow. oh i'm so excited. even though it's taking a lot longer then i originally thought, we're going to be so so blessed by finishing it and making it look nice right away. amelya and breigh loved helping put up the primer yesterday. breigh had it in her hair and everything. i love being 'laid back' and letting them help. the pefectionist in me has been brought down my the mom in be. yay for that. church was good today. we talked about 'hard hearts' it is kind of nice to hear about. let's me remember how far i've come and how far i've yet to go. tomorrow priscilla, the pastor's wife, is talking at my mom's group. i'm really excited to share her with the other moms at mom's group. i've invited my friend who i went out to eat with the other night too. and priscilla asked her daughter to come. so we might have a 'full house' but i'm very excited to hear what god has to share through her. priscilla is an awesome woman of god and i feel has lots of insight on things. she's speaking on marriage. i pray that our church will be 'big' some day and we can have a mom's group too. right now i'm the only young mom who attends all the time. the above mentioned daughter comes sometimes. and my other friend has started to come and lord willing will come all the time. it's nice to have other young moms and young kids for our girls to play with too. the other mom's at church are priscilla and shaun's mom and one other 'grandma'. then shaun's aunt. who is young but still has older kids. she's only in her 30's so that's young to me. ten years ago i would've called her old. :) how times change. i took a picture of my growing belly the other night. FINALLY. i can't believe that i am 18 weeks already. it has flown by. two more weeks til the ultrasound!! yay! that also means two more weeks and breigh is going to be 2! i can't believe she's going to be two already. she has grown up so much. we've started having the girls pray at the meal times instead of always us. breigh is so funny. i'll say: thank you jesus.
breigh: thank you jesus
me:for this food
breigh: food, yeah
me: and for this day
breigh: day, yeah
me: in jesus name
breigh: in jesus name
me: amen
breigh: really loudly AMEN
she's too funny. we keep the prayer short and to the point at meal time, no sense in dragging it out and letting them lose focus on the prayer. amelya is doing good at praying too and rarely needs me to say everything for her. i want them to be unashamed to pray. which means i need to be just the same way. they learn by example. and i NEED to be that godly example that they need to see. there is so much other yucky stuff in the world they don't need to see. i dug out the workbooks i got for homeschooling tonight. i think it's really time to crack down and get amelya going on those, so in fall i can start pre-k and she'll be a little bit more apt to doing it. she can already write quite a few letters. and she recognizes all of them, well all the capital ones. i need to start working on all the lowercase ones. she knows some but not all of those yet. we have a really fun game from discovery toys called a, b, seas that she likes and it has the letters in it for her. so we can play that and she's learning without learning. i'm going to take the work books to the library to copy so i can use them again with breigh. and that way amelya can practice on the letters as much as she wants and doesn't use up a book doing it. i am going to have three more kids using it after her so i might as well make it last for all of them right? i'm really excited to start the homeschooling adventure. i know people have mixed feelings on it, but not me. i am all for it. and i feel it's the best way to know what your child is learning and to have a little bit of 'control' over it as well. i want my kids to know that god created the earth and we haven't evolved into anything. i will teach them, at the appropriate time, that some people believe that but want her to know that is not how god did it. we have some really good dvds too to watch that prove evolution wrong. so i look forward to sharing those with my kids. i also can keep them a little, well i guess sheltered, from the evil, rawness of the world. i DO NOT want them learning about sex on the playground. i want them to learn it from me. and all the correct terms. i want a relationship with them that allows them to come to me about anything and not feel ashamed about it either. i want them to be honest with me and i will be honest with them. always. i know i've said it before, and i'll say it again, i'm not going to sugar coat anything for them. they will not always win at candy land, and i won't feel bad about it either. they need to know that they are not always going to win OR get what they want. take last night actually. amelya was dead set that i had to cover her back up, after getting out of bed to get 'allyson's horse' (allyson is her baby doll) so shaun went up there and she refused to let him cover her up. after the screaming and crying wouldn't stop i went upstairs to try and help. i told her daddy came up to cover her up so she needed to let him. she cried and said no. i said yes. and i went downstairs. eventually shaun came down. amelya was still crying and wouldn't let him cover her. needless to say the arguement ended when she fell alseep and gave in and covered herself up. she needs to know that i WON'T give in when she cries. she WILL not get what she wants by shedding a few tears. some may call me a mean mom or mean period. but she will learn that i mean what i say, and i will do what i say i am or am not going to do. i think she'll have more respect for me in the end. actually tonight when she went to bed she told me she covered herself up last night. i said yep you did, because you wouldn't let daddy and mommy said she wasn't going to. she didn't say anything, but i know she hears me. i love my baby girls. they make me so happy every day. every little 'stressful' moment is worth every smile i get to see. i wouldn't trade staying home with them for anything. not once have i ever thought, maybe i should just get a job. shaun and i the other day were talking about when he retires. i said i LOVE being retired. he's like you're not retired, you work. i thought it was a very sweet thing to say. unfortunetly no one else in this world has deemed an account worthy of paying me for my 'work'. but i know that i will get paid back eventually. and i do already. with smiles, hugs, kisses, i loves yous, and a whole lot more. but i suppose. it's getting late and i really need to get these contacts out. have a non-drying contact kind of day. ;) amanda

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