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Thursday, May 29, 2008

fun fondue

okay so i went to the melting pot with my friend tonight. YUMMY!! now i want to go there again..and again...the cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue are by far the best. and this stuff they have for dips for the entree' was really good. it was called goddess something or another, basically cream cheese, sour cream, chives, onions and i am pretty sure garlic. oh it was good. plus i had a really nice time with melissa. our waiter was 'new' and we gave him a hard time, so it was fun. even tried to get him to foot the bill. he didn't though. but he was a very good waiter and that paid off for him in the end. my bill was about 26.00 and i tipped 8. melissa tipped 8 too. sooooo he had a good night at our table alone. the girls and i had to deliver a show in darboy this morning so i hit some rummage sales. scored good too. i got a basketball hoop for the girls for only two dollars!! and amelya was praying for bunk beds for her dolls and the FIRST rummage sale we went to....had baby doll bunk beds. it was so cool for me to share with her how jesus answers and hears our prayers. but i also had to tell her sometimes he says no like mommy and daddy but that's because he loves us so much and has something even better planned for us. we had to deliver the show at burger king, so that's where we ate lunch, and shaun's sisters ended up being in appleton so they came too. then i had to pick up my pampered chef stuff from a girl from church's house. then i we came home. it wasn't tooo long after getting home i had to get 'all dolled up' to leave for dinner. so much cleaning didn't get done. BUT BUT BUT my kitchen is near spotless. praise the lord. and shaun and the girls blessed me by picking up all of their toys. so now i just have to finish cleaning off the dining room table, and my house may possibly have some sort of order to it. and tomorrow is the big day to clean out the messy room. i'm so very excited, if you haven't already figured that out. danielle is coming sometime in the morning and shaun's other sister is coming a little later to watch the girls while we get stuff done. oh yay!! i so am looking forward to that. so so much. i think amelya is excited to have the 'red room' as she calls it all clean too. the room has (bright) red carpet and some sort of patterned red wall paper on two walls and panels on the other. it was shaun's parent's bedroom when they lived here. did i ever mention we live in the house shaun grew up in, and his dad grew up in? if i didn't now you know. and if i did, well if you don't know me by now you'll know that i tend to repeat myself. i think it's when i get around adult conversation i get all excited to share lots of things and end up repeating most if not all of it at some point. and of course i have all the freedom in the world to repeat myself on here because no one is standing there saying you already told us that...a THOUSAND times. so for you out there reading this. sorry. shaun's cousin is in the hospital. she is only 15 and fell last night cut her knee open on a rock and had to have surgery because she got air in it. yuck. now the poor thing can't bear weight on it for at least six weeks. she's an active girl. but god will see her through it. i told amelya this morning after i found out and she started crying because kelsey was hurt and in the hospital. it brought tears to my eyes, but i explained that she was in the hospital like caitlyn and she'll be okay. it touched me to see how affected she was that her friend was hurt. she's only three for pete's sake. it's cool though how god works it all out. so i suppose it's a little after ten and i have a big day ahead of me. so off to take out the contacts get in some jammies, and wake shaun up off the couch. which he's probably been sleeping on since putting the girls to bed. he should've just went to bed. lol. i think he's thinking of a different idea though. boys boys boys. :) so have a fondue dipping night. amanda

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