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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

green is the color of my countertop

green. yep. green. i tell you this only because i haven't seen it all in awhile. and over half of it is clean in my kitchen. praise the lord for ambition and a daddy who works too much. only because then he played with the girls after supper and i stayed in the kitchen cleaning up. i still have stuff to do but felt like sitting down a little. my back has been hurting me a lot lately. not as severe pain as i have normally had, but pain nonetheless. thankful for the chiropractor. because i think if i wasn't seeing her i'd have the normal severe back pain i've had with the last three pregnancies. the girls were good today. we had story time, then went to penelopy's (a pizza place) and then to my friend's house. yay for her being home from vaca!! we usually spend a day together so it was nice to get back into the 'routine'. lol. tomorrow night i'm going out to eat with another friend. i'm excited about that too. it's a place where it is mandatory you 'dress nice'. i'm super excited to dress nice and feel pretty. unfortunetly it's with a girl friend and not my husband. but what can i do? maybe shaun can reap the benefits of my boosted self esteem later. lol. i'll keep it g rated. sorry. but seriously if i feel pretty things have a better chance of happening. although shaun is a boy and probably does not care a bit. i know other boys are the same way too. it must be in them. ahhh okay enough. shaun's out cutting the lawn now. well part of it. it takes a good two hours to cut ALL of the lawn. but he's cutting the main part where the girls' toys are and they play. apparently when he went to start the mower after getting home from work the key was turned and the battery was drained. hmmm wonder how that happened?? ask one of the two older girls...because i think they'll have an idea. they love playing on the lawn mower and the 4-wheeler. and because shaun had them parked outside lately that's what they have played on a lot. my house is getting cleaner...and i'm getting in a better mood about it. i feel like if i have a messy cruddy looking house that's how i feel. so my goal is to not let it get this way again!! because i don't like sighing every time i walk in the door. i'm having another baby...i need to get 'in a groove' and STAY in it. FOREVER...shaun is a big help and i am so appreciative of that. he's not perfect by any means...but he's a help. i think it helped in high school he worked for a cleaning service. when we first started dating my mom said i couldn't go somewhere til i did my chores. so shaun and his friend came and did them for me. a lot better then i would have done too. true love right there when your boyfriend comes and cleans your parent's house. :P it was super nice of him. and i got to go to the track meet i believe it was. we don't have any plans yet for the weekend. but i know soon something will come up and we'll end up super busy on shaun's weekend off. that always happens that way. it is still supposed to rain on friday so it looks like that will be the best day to clean the messy room. did i tell you how excited i am about that??!!?? because i SO AM. to have no more messy room. well at least a room that has been labeled that for almost five years. because i know i have other messy rooms. it'll be fun to see what i find in there actually because i know some of the boxes in there are stuff i packed up of my bedroom at my parents house way back when. it'll be interesting to see stuff i thought important to save then. as a young wife to be, now i'm a four-time mom to be and we'll see if i deem it as important as i must have then. but i suppose my green counters are calling me back into the kitchen. plus i have show to organize and thank you notes to write out for the orders. :) so have a find the color of your (fill in the blank) kind of night/day/whatever. amanda

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