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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a quiet tuesday morning...so far

it is a little after 8 AM and breigh and amelya are still sleeping. now amelya doesn't surprise me, but breigh. yay!! two days in a row she's slept 'late'. caitlyn was up a little after 7 so i fed her breakfast and picked up the kitchen some more. i got some done yesterday. but of course with going to town much didn't get done later. shaun ended up getting home around 2. he had to wash our tractor up at work and bring that home because his uncle wants to rent it for first cutting of hay. which is good for us! the girls spent the afternoon watching him take the duals off and change the oil. not to mention get a little dirty with daddy too. they love it. i love it. i stayed out side too. basically so i could keep an eye on the girls and make sure that they weren't actually getting into the oil, and to make sure they weren't in shaun's way. amelya and breigh each had a pliers and were tightening all the bolts on the tractor. it was fun to watch them. i don't want to have 'girly girls' but i want them to be girly, just not afraid to be a little dirty and have some fun. my theory is they can play in the dirt but i hope i can have them dressed in pink while doing it. lol. we went to danielle's for supper and she had a pool set up for the girls. i was surprised they went in it, the water was cold and even though it was nice outside it was still chilly. but we had to ask amelya to come out when her teeth were chattering but she just sat there!! breigh went in with no suit on. good thing because after she was all dressed and dried off she wanted her suit on over her clothes. we had brats and hamburgers and really good potatoes and very yummy fresh fruit (i mainly ate the strawberries with cool whip) and then of course the stuff i don't eat: salad and asparagus. caitlyn tried the asparagus and she actually liked it. i was surprised because she tends to stay away from the green veggies. her favorite is usually carrots. shaun tried some too. he has never tried it before, he liked it. we have an aspargus patch in our yard, i keep it because shaun's mom and sisters and i guess now shaun like it and it's a very well established patch. it was here before shaun's mom and dad were married. shaun's grandma had it. there is also rhubarb. which i also don't eat. i just pick the asparagus and hand it off when we have a bunch of it. it didn't smell too bad though. i don't think i'll try it any day soon. but that's besides the point. i was really excited that shaun came along to town. i think the main reason was because shaun's mom called him and said they'd come out and help pick stones and fry out here. and shaun knows i don't like anyone at our house when it is messy so he said don't worry about it. :) it was a nice night to spend together as a family. well actually an entire afternoon. i asked shaun if it'd be nice to get done at 2 everyday. he said yeah i'd get more done in a days time. oh well. our hay is going to be cut in one of these next few days. i hope they do it when we are home. i know the girls will like looking at the tractors cutting it. or if not we may be home when they chop it too. breigh is fascinated by the tractors and amelya likes watching them from afar. speaking of amelya she is sleeping in her bed again. three nights in a row. she won't sleep the 'right way' but with her head at the end of her bed. i don't care. as long as she's in her bed. it's been over a month i think since she's been in it. she had a super bad nightmare and would only sleep on her floor. we asked her and sort of made her try her bed and it's been successful. praise the lord. her nightmare involved snakes and must have been very scary because she remembered it the next day and showed me how they stuck their tongues out at her. and the first night after that when we tried putting her in her bed she screamed and was shaking. i felt bad that the dream was that scary. but we've been praying for her and her dreams and to sleep in her bed, and god has faithfully answered our prayers again. now we just have to work on the potty training thing. i don't want to force her into it, but am running out of ways not to. i just don't want to make the whole thing frustrating for her or for me. but she also knows that she cannot stand up in amy's wedding until she's wearing underwear. so that gives me about five months. long enough i can imagine. :) but i am hearing breigh now. and i suppose she's hungry and wants to get out of her bed. so have a frosting on your nose kind of day. :O) amanda

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