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Monday, May 26, 2008

monday. (i'm not too creative on this title thing)

well shaun's mom called before and we're invited over to a grill out for supper. i'm kind of excited about that and i'm also bummed. i'm only bummed because shaun probably won't come. he has stones to pick in the fields and i doubt i'll be able to talk him into letting them wait. they need to be picked amanda. is what he'll say to me. but we'll see i guess. he told me that the guy he works with said they'll be done at noon today. frankly i don't believe it. number one because it is already after noon and two he never does what he says. the guy not shaun. i told shaun just leave, he said you were going to be done. shaun isn't like that though. he'll stay until the work is finished. what can i do i guess. i have some dishes in the dish washer. that's all i pretty much accomplished so far in the kitchen. which i guess is an accomplishment. my goal is to have the kitchen FULLY cleaned by friday. i know that is a long time away, but give myself lots of time i figure. i am also going to see if shaun's sister will come over friday to clean out the messy room. the weather looks like rain (now anyways) and i guess that'd be the best day so she doesn't have to give up any nice weather time helping me. so we'll see. but i am still super excited to get that clean. i have all of amelya and breigh's clothes off of the table. super yay!! god gave me loads of ambition and i got loads of clothes cleaned off the table. breigh is napping. i'm surprised actually that she went down for a nap. she slept 12 hours last night until 830 this morning. so i figured she might fight the nap. she was up for a little bit talking but has been quiet ever since. caitlyn was falling asleep in her high chair after lunch so i layed her down and she's sleeping too. i should really shower. but instead i plop my butt here. i'm sure amelya is wanting to watch a movie so i'll have her find a movie and enjoy a shower. i'm starting to treasure the shower time i have because after the baby comes for awhile they will have to be quick ones. i'm getting excited more and more every day for this baby. i have been feeling it move around more and it is so much fun. plus i really am feeling pregnant not just 'chubby' so that's fun too. i get to wear all the fun maternity clothes. i borrowed some to our neighbor when she was pregnant so now i am starting to need those that she has too. so we'll see if she drops them off soon, or i'll have to get up the courage to say something. i have lots here too, but i am getting sick of wearing the same stuff, or only have a limited selection to choose from i guess. so i'll have to get those from her. i really have a lot of maternity clothes. after my pregnancy with amelya i counted and i had 60 shirts alone!! and i have had two more babies after her and now this one. i probably have well over 100 shirts, tank tops etc. that doesn't even include pants, shorts, and capris. or i guess dresses! i love maternity clothes and can't resist the cute things they have. i'm a sucker for a sale too. if it's buy one for half off. i buy two because it's getting two for the full price of one!! :) plus then i can get two colors or whatever. so my friends will have a wide variety of clothes to pick from when i am done with this pregnancy. because folks, this is it. number four is the completion to our family. i thought when i was pregnant with caitlyn that i was done, but then i totally changed my mind. i was very wishy-washy. not this time. i'm not sad that this is the last pregnancy i take it for what it is. even if it's a girl. we aren't 'trying for the boy'. we will take what god gives us. because like i've said before, we don't deserve these little blessings. not one bit, not for a single moment. my friend is home from vacation. yay. we've missed getting together with them. it'll be nice to see her again after two entire weeks. lol. shaun makes fun of us because of how much time we spend together. not serious though. i think he likes it that i have such a good friend that we can hang out so much together. and not even get sick of it!! lol. her son might grow tired of breigh, but soon he'll be fighting back. which i might say that breigh needs a little of that. amelya just starts whining and jumping up and down when breigh takes something from her. i make her go after breigh and take it back herself. i'm not going to raise someone who lets someone else take what they want and get away with it. i want her to defend herself. but i still need to take a shower. and brush my teeth for that matter. like you wanted to know. :) so til next time have a fresh smelling day. amanda (ps it's almost 1230 and shaun still isn't home) work.

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