i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

a surprise purchase

well i sit here writing on a new computer. something bad got on our other one a virus of some sort and i couldn't get it off. so instead of investing in an 'old' (only 4and a half years) computer we decided to just get a new one. and even better the monitor was on sale yesterday and the computer was on sale today so they price adjusted it when i picked it up. we saved 200 bucks!! yay. plus the monitor was on sale for 100 off the regular price. god totally blessed us. the girls went by shaun's mom while we did our computer shopping. we went out for a nice supper at machine shed. i had baked potato soup (very good) and of course 'shedder' melts and for the main course i had steak and fries. and besides a few fries i ate everything. yummy. today we had church. it was good. and the church purchased a swing set for the children's ministry so the girls took full advantage of that after their church was over. our girls are the only 'faithful' attending children at children's church so until more children start coming they get full 'ownership' of the swing set. sometimes our pastor's grandchildren come, but not as consistent as our girls do. i love our little church. today we had a nice discussion about boldness and there was plenty of laughter too. i love our church i really do. it is nice to be a part of a small fellowship instead of getting lost in the mix of a big church. we're held accountable, and i like that. caitlyn got called a 'little guy' today. she's wearing a green shirt with a butterfly on it. she is clearly not a boy. i don't know why people see green and think boy. it's frustrating. my girls wear all colors and even john deere tractor shirts. i'm not going to only dress them in pink or purple because they are girls. oh well i guess. but i suppose. i bought a photoshop program yesterday too. i have yet to install it and am anxious to see it. so until next time. may you be virus free. amanda

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