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Friday, May 23, 2008

it's friday...no big deal

yay. friday. but it's also shaun's weekend to work. so really it's no break for this mommy. i'll have to get up early each day and spend most of the day tomorrow by myself again. sunday will be church so that means shaun will go in extra early so he can get home in time for church. i love his dedication to his job. and more important the dedication to his family. i've been reading pretty faithfully some other blogs. one in particular has really caught my heart and attention. it is at www.cfhusband.blogspot.com if you wanna read it too! but it is a story about a husband going through having his wife just getting a double lung transplant and the story of their daughter born at 24 weeks. it's a truly lovely story and suggest you read it if you already don't. it's amazing to see god's faithfulness in their family. god is truly faithful to all of us. but this family has so much to give him credit for. and they do. we went by my mom's this morning. first time we've seen her all week. the girls had fun playing and hanging with grandma for awhile. before she had to go to work. after we left we hit a few rummage sales. didn't find anything too exciting. some lady let amelya pick out a stuffed animal for her and breigh (who was sleeping in the van). i smiled and said thank you. knowing that in a few weeks they'll be in a goodwill box. speaking of goodwill i'm cleaning out my 'messy room' this week!! yay! shaun's sister is coming over to help and we're going at it. i can't wait. i have stuff in the room when i moved in. that's four and a half years. if i haven't needed it by now...i don't think i need it. so we'll be making lots of loads to the trash and goodwill i'm sure. i'm turning the room into a MUCH MUCH needed playroom for the girls. then they can have all of their toys in there and make a big ole mess and if someone calls me to say they're coming over i can just shut the door instead of trying to find some excuse as to why they cannot come over. my kitchen is still a mess. but i have all of amelya's clothes off our dining room table. they've been there since february...no kidding. no all i have is breigh's to go through and get upstairs or packed away. see the week before caitlyn was in the hospital i got all of their clothes on the table with intentions of the next week working on it. well sunday to thursday caitlyn was in the hospital and then the next tuesday i found out i was pregnant and then i started feeling very sick and very tired. so needless to say nothing really got done. i was still nursing for awhile until i was too exhausted i had to quit. and i felt really yucky all day long and didn't want to do anything. but now i have no excuse. i'm feeling better and i am SICK SICK SICK of everything ALL over my house. so lord willing this week will be a 'clean sweep' kind of week on my 'messy room' living room dining room and kitchen. then i can work on the other rooms that really should be organized. caitlyn is still sleeping in our bedroom, we need to get her in with the girls one of these days. so that'll be an upcoming project too. shaun still has his old bedroom from before we were married to finish cleaning out as well. for if this baby is a boy that will be his room. if it is a girl it will be her and caitlyn's room. we'll have to wait awhile ( i think) for that to be determined. but it needs to be cleaned out regardless. we also debated moving the girls into our room, because it is big, and us moving into their room. i don't think shaun wants to do that. so for now anyway they will share their current bedroom. until they get older and not only want but will probably need the bigger space. they'll always have to share. so i figure might as well start them on it while they are younger and don't care as much. maybe. we'll see how it works out i guess. i know caitlyn and the baby if it is a boy, could share a room for awhile but i don't know how i feel about doing that then eventually having to move her. i guess i'd rather have her with amelya and breigh right away. plus i have a feeling that those three are going to be thick as thick can be. so i'm sure they'll enjoy sharing a room. :) i truly pray for their relationship as they grow up. they are so blessed to have each other and i want them to always remember that. i'm sure i'll be reminding them of it as they continue to grow up too. well breigh is up from her nap calling for me. so i'm off to mommy land again. what a beautiful land it is. have a super duper day. amanda

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