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Thursday, May 22, 2008

just a parking space...really

wow it's been two days since i've been on here. we've had a very busy two days though. yesterday was wednesday so storytime at the library. my friend melissa came with her two girls. i used to baby-sit maddie last year until a few months before i had caitlyn. after storytime we went to mcdonald's for lunch so the girls could run around and play and then melissa and i could talk. we had a nice time. our neighbor came too with her two kids for awhile. we ended up at mcdonald's for THREE hours!! then we decided to go to melissa's. the girls had lots of fun playing and we had lots of fun talking. when i babysat maddie she'd come and pick her up and we'd talk for awhile too. i missed our chats so it was nice to get together with her. today we went to the chiropractor and before hit a few rummage sales. i bought some more maternity clothes. they were cheap i know i don't NEED them. oh well. then i had to close a show at burger king. i've had a circle of girls keep booking. it's nice. then the girls who had this show got THREE bookings for me. that was such a huge blessing and surprise for me! my sister came along to help watch the girls. burger king also has a nice play area so they pretty much played the entire time, but it was nice to have amy there anyways. 'just in case'. after amy took the girls to her house in the van and i ran to walmart to get a few things. that's when the choas started. i saw a car back out of the 'ideal' spot. front and center. so i was turning into the lane and took the spot. as i was half way in a saw another car coming down the lane and needless to say apparently i took her spot. well she layed on the horn and stopped directly behind be and so i could see her in my mirror gave me the finger. i got out and said. i can move if you really want me too. i also said i didn't see her. which i didn't until i was already in the spot. she wasn't even waiting for the spot! she said you did too but you just zoomed on in. i said no. but she didn't want to listen then she said 'you're a b****. and drove off. i just smiled and said okay. inside i wanted to say lots of mean things but god kept my mouth shut and i walked into the store. shaking! i wanted to ask the police officer if i could press charges for harrasement. not seriously but at least to show the lady how silly she was being. she was in her 40's or older. but acted pretty childish to me. i dunno. i seriously didn't see her until it was too late and i really is just a parking space. and i'm the one who's four and a halfish months pregnant and my back has been killing me. let me have a break. i couldn't even remember what i came in the store for and in all reality wanted to sit down and cry. but i was NOT going to let her do that to me. i've never been called that before ever. well to my face i don't know if people have said it about me or not. it hurt me a lot. lord willing i will never see that lady again. but if i do i pray that it's in heaven. i prayed for her on my way home. that she meets jesus and knows his love and peace. and lets people have the parking spot. she acted like i stole her diamond earrings or something. i just couldn't believe it. i guess what i really hate is that she thought i was lying to her. i wasn't. ahhhh. that's my pet peeve when someone accuses me of lying or doesn't believe me and doesn't even try to see my side. she wasn't having any of me. she actually was blocking the entire lane of traffic and some van wanted to get down the lane. so she eventually moved and found a decent stall up a ways in the next lane over. i watched where she parked and saw her from a distance in the store and just avoided the area. i didn't know what she'd do to me if she didn't have her seatbelt restraining her. i seriously was scared of her and she was just in her car. but enough about that. i get worked up just thinking about it. shaun and i have been together nine years today. wow. nine years seems like forever. you already read about our little love story so i don't need to go into that again. if you missed it look down a few posts. :) you'll get the whole story and then some. but i suppose i hear the shower is off and i'd like to spend some time with shaun. it's our anniversary i should have been in the shower with him...lol...i'm sure that's exactally what you were thinking. and if you weren't probably better that way. sorry for giving you the image. anyways. hope you had a nice lady in the parking lot kind of day. :) amanda

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The Johnson Family said...

Sounds like a run in David and I had with a lady at the Darboy Walmart last summer. She was talking on her cell phone and was in our way and when we asked her to move kindly she flipped out because we were interupting her conversation. HELLO...people are trying to shop here. She followed us around the store swearing at us and even to the parking lot. David held back as much as he could but let her have it in his own words before we pulled out. Some people in this world.

proudmommy4 said...

maybe it was the SAME LADY!! i was in the darboy walmart!! craziness. this whole situation had me thinking and up all night!!!!!!!! i hate how i let her get to me. some people is right! :)