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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

some super cute pictures of my super cute girls...and one with their super cute mom. :)

breigh and caitlyn are napping and amelya is chillin' on the couch. i needed a break from picking up so i thought i could post some pictures. :P as an added bonus our computer is so slow i can pick up while they are loading! :P

this is amelya from at the park earlier this month...i just love her blue eyes

me and the girls on the swing. caitlyn fell alseep on my lap and amelya just is a habitual eye closer and breigh...well at least i got all three of them to sit by me!!

here's caitlyn on her 8th month birthday, i can NOT believe how big she is getting

breigh climbing around outside but of course will always stop to scream CHEESE

amelya rarely takes naps. she fell asleep in the van and STAYED asleep after i brought her in the house. and of course no nap in complete with out wearing your wedding veil. :)

here is breigh on the same nappng day. i just love the look of innocence they have when they're sleeping.

caitlyn's pic that i accidentally deleted last time. enjoying the sunshine outside while sitting up.

breigh outside on the swing. what a big girl!! last year she was only in the infant swing! :(

here is amelya in the process of cutting out her barbie cards, from the box of barbie cereal. she cut them all out all by herself. so proud of my little munchkin. and yes she's wearing a swim suit. it was a purchase she was very excited about from a rummage sale. :)

here's caitlyn. she started scooting last saturday (tear) but she loves it and is always full of smiles to share with everyone. people often ask is she always this happy. i'm not ashamed to say well yeah she is. praise the lord.

so by the time i've loaded these pictures, i DID get some more picked up. got amelya a snack, caitlyn a bottle both of their diapers changed and a few more things. and now because amelya was so patient waiting for me to be done she gets to play her preschool game on the computer. :) love that kid. and breigh is still napping!! yay. i can get some more done before she gets up too. :) loves loves loves and more loves. amanda

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The Johnson Family said...

Look at all those blue eyes! I love the wedding veil too!