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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

busy day = fun day

yesterday was a BUSY day!! but fun. we had mom's group in the morning. it was just two of us. but we had a nice time talking and listening to a great speaker on tape, jill savage. she's a very funny lady. i brought along lunchables for the girls to eat during mom's group so after i didn't have to stop for lunch for them and we headed to sam's club. the girls needed diapers-AGAIN. and sam's club is way cheaper and makes more sense to get them there. i also got a few other things there. i like sam's. and the girls liked the free samples of food. especially the trail mix cereal. i was surprised by that since they usually eat sugary cereal. i myself like the sugar cereal. my latest craving has actually been fruity pebbles. i'm just not a crazy healthy eater and figure that i have survived as long as i have and ate all that stuff too. back to yesterday. after sam's we went to the chiropractor. that went well. i was glad to go because my back has been bugging me. plus i love the new dr. she's very nice and very helpful and the girls seem to like her too. i was worried how they were going to react to the new dr because they really liked dr. doody. (yep it's pronounced how it looks) but they have taken to dr. jamie just as well. i think the cool little kid adjusting table helps too. after the chiropractor we went to womankind. i got my free ultrasound. it was so much fun. i am so glad i went. the baby was SO fun to see. it kept putting it's hands by it's face and even them in it's mouth. the baby was also very very active. i can't believe i don't feel the baby move more. it was ALL over the place. you could even count all of it's fingers. it's just so amazing to me how you can see all of that. the baby even was in the crawling position in there. the nurse said it's rare to see a baby do that in utero. i don't know. the nurse enjoyed the ultrasound too. she kept saying. amanda did you see that. i of course did. i went by myself with the girls but a nice receptionist watched them for me across the hall and played a movie for them and played with them. it was so nice to not have to worry about them being in the room with me or getting freaked out with me on the table. i do plan on having them along next month for our 20 week ultrasound. but that'll be different because shaun will be there. i still don't know about finding out. we'll have to see. i don't think we will. but ask me later and i might say maybe. who knows. shaun figured out a name for the baby this weekend. ready for it. diet middle name soda and of course our last name is popp. so diet soda popp. what a guy!! then he said diego. i said we can't name our blonde hair blue eyed child diego. just wouldn't work. so anyways. the girls are asking for my attention. so i must be going. til later. have a prancing through the tulips kind of day. amanda

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