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Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunday morning.

it has been a not typical sunday morning. usually the girls all sleep in and we have to rush around and get ready to leave for church. well breigh was up at 6 and caitlyn 630 so we've had lots of time to get ready. i even blow dryed my hair and have make-up on!! lol. plus i wanted to look half way decent for shaun's mom's graduation today. the girls are going by mom mom's house. i don't expect two toddlers and an eight month old to sit through any graduation. plus i think it will be kind of nice to hang out with shaun's family just with 'us adults'. yesterday was a good day. the two older girls got to go with shaun's mom and sisters plant/flower shopping. then they planted at danielle's house. they had lots of fun. shaun stayed home with caitlyn and i had my show. went pretty well. i got two bookings. not til later on in the summer and fall, but bookings anyway. then we went to danielle's house to get the girls and shaun helped dig holes for the big stuff. we had spaghetti for supper. mmm. it was good. especially because i didn't have to come up with anything to make. :) that is one thing i don't like is always trying to think of something for supper. i'm not much of a cook and try to do things as easy as possible. amelya just woke up a little while ago. she's in on okay mood, but refuses to come downstairs because i won't carry her. well i figure she'll come down eventually. i would carry her, but she's whining and not doing what i asked her, so then she gets no benefits. i'm the 'tough love' kind of person. i think this world needs A LOT more of it too. caitlyn is sounding better today. she's been wheezy the past few days and i've been trying to hold off on the albuteral treatments that she got when she was in the hospital. but i gave in today and gave her one. lord willing it will help and she'll start sounding better. she's napping already. but i suppose that's what happens when you wake up almost an hour before you normally do. i should get going though. i have a diaper bag to pack and a three year old who needs to eat and get dressed before we head off to church. :) later. amanda

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