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Friday, May 16, 2008

drs appt and pictures

well my drs appt went well today. the baby's heartbeat was high 160's. and i've only gained one pound so far! crazy. and actually i lost six when i got pregnant so i'm not even in the 'gaining' column technically speaking. lol. like it matters. i gained 45 with amelya 33 with breigh and i'm pretty sure 37 with caitlyn. so i know i have quite the ways to go with this baby. and the nurse even commented on how i'm getting a belly...so people it's official i have a BABY BELLY!! yay. well i downloaded some pictures at walmart on to cds. that way i can't lose the pictures!! and now you can see the girlies a little more updated. the three of them are from outside yesterday and the one of all three is from sometime in the past few weeks. cuties i tell ya! but i am very very biased. oh yeah i did good rummaging today!! found lots of great deals. like a little tykes tool bench with all of the tools and extra sets of tools from fisher price and tonka!! great deal for only 35 bucks!! LOVE IT! anyways off to make supper. it's mac and cheese tonight. shaun's working late again, so i go for the easy out. :) and i really truly love mac and cheese. it's the spiral kind even more fun!! so tomorrow i have a party so i don't know if i'll blog, sunday shaun's mom is graduating from college...so we'll be busy then too...you just might not hear from me until monday!! try and hold back the tears, i know it's hard. smiles, loves and loads of laughters. amanda

okay side note...i accidentally deleted the picture of caitlyn outside and supper is getting ready and our computer is sllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. sorry. so you'll have to wait til next time.!! ahhhhh

Breigh at the park. This was from earlier in the month.

Amelya inside our tunnel

Amelya Caitlyn Breigh

(because they both have to hold "Cakey's" hand)

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