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Thursday, May 15, 2008

fun sun shiny day

oh it was such a beautiful day outside. we played outside this morning and then later this evening after getting home from town. shaun is working late so it's just 'us girls'. i was teaching the girls tennis today!! it was so fun...except for the dog stealing the balls. amelya liked it and breigh loved it. i loved playing tennis so i hope i can enstil this in my girls too. i played singles mostly and liked it a lot better than doubles. my sister played too...so we'll have to take the girls to the courts. of course i'll be careful of my growing belly, but i have read in some pregnancy things tennis is okay. so that's good. not like i'll be working up too big of a sweat anyways. when we got in and changed diapers and stuff we played don't break the ice. i loved that game as a child, and amelya and breigh love it too. it's a fun game and not to complicated. breigh has even got down how you only hit one at a time. too cute. the girls were well behaved at our trip to walmart. people could think i'm crazy for going all by myself. but how else am i supposed to do it? breigh sits in the cart, caitlyn's carseat is in the back, and amelya walks with me. we have it down to a 'science' i guess. i don't mind going by myself, but take help when i can too!! i'm not THAT crazy to turn down help. we have lots of help and are so blessed because of it. but i've rambled only a short while and feel like chilling on the couch...so that's where i'm headed. :) swee dreams

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The Johnson Family said...

I think I'm crazy sometimes when I take all the children with me to the store. But like you said..how else are you suppose to go? I hate when people stare because one of your kids is having a bad day..we all have them and we know your child did the same thing at some store at some time. It's life people!

proudmommy4 said...

lol. so true. i know i was 'that child' who had to have whatever in the store. i remember my mom walking away from me in the grocery store because i was on the floor throwing a fit. seriously what could i have wanted at the GROCERY STORE!! :)