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Thursday, May 15, 2008

short 'n' sweet

ohhhhhh it's nice out again today. amelya is finishing up a puzzle then we are going to pick up toys and head OUTSIDE!! the girls love love love it outside. i bought this big ole blanket that folds into a bag for the van and i'll lay caitlyn on that so she doesn't have to sit in the stroller or in my moby wrap. which i LOVE, but don't want her to have to stay in it the entire time we are outside. tomorrow looks pretty decent too, but rain later. i got to go to a rummage sale early last night. spent double what i normally spend at her sale, but had lots of time to look, and no one else competing for the same things i was. i got lots of clothes for amelya for summer and next winter, if i guess her size right. but i also figure one of the three girls will wear it. and tomorrow is a city wide right down the road!! :P the whole concept of rummaging is fascinating to me...who thought of this? let's put all our stuff in the garage and have people come buy it. it's a crazy but wonderfully GOOD idea. so anyways. i changed my template. getting pretty good at this stuff. even added a picture of myself. it's way old from the day we left the hospital with caitlyn. but it's picture regardless. so anyways. i said short, and short it will be the puzzle is put away and now there are other toys to pick up. have a bright sunshiny daaaaaaaaaaay. amanda

2 loving words from you.:

The Johnson Family said...

I LOVE your new layout!! Loving every bit of todays weather also!!

Ashley said...

awesome new layout! how did you find the backgrounds?! i searched tons of different sites for some cool ones, but never found anything i liked or that gave easy instructions for uploading them. hope you and the girls enjoyed the lovely weather today! sunshine and warmth, my two favorite things!